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Cannabis/Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana laws in Michigan are constantly changing. Michael Komorn is a leading expert who can guarantee you receive the best representation available. For nearly 20 years, the Law Office of Michael Komorn has provided outstanding, results-focused legal counsel to its clients in all areas of criminal defense – in state and federal courts – including medical marijuana law. We are advocates of our clients’ rights. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of legal advice and expertise with an emphasis on client satisfaction and exceptional results. Attorney Michael Komorn is pr...

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Komorn Law is considered Michigan’s premier criminal defense firm, armed with the resources, knowledge, and experience to provide you the best opportunity for a positive outcome. We have successfully defended clients in a wide range of criminal offenses, including drug charges, theft, embezzlement, white collar crimes, sex offenses, internet crimes, robbery, misdemeanors in federal and state court, and all marijuana and medical marijuana cases. Juvenile/Minor Komorn Law guides its clients through the often confusing juvenile system with knowledge and compassion to deliver positive results for first-time and multiple offenders. Too often, a youthful mistake can turn into tragedy – with jail sentences or other harsh punish...

Criminal Defense


Michigan Law provides police with a wide range of powers during roadside stops. Komorn Law has the experience, knowledge, and skill to balance those powers and preserve your rights in the courtroom. Our firm aggressively defends all aspects of traffic law, from simple civil infractions to more serious alcohol and drug-related offenses. We diligently investigate all aspects of the incident from the initial stop through the arrest in order to most effectively defend your case. Click here for a break down of Michigan’s Criminal Penalties for DUI Offenses If you have been charged with a DUI First Offense, the penalties can be severe....

Business Development

The Michigan Legislature has spent three sessions attempting to pass dispensary legislation, and finally on September 14, 2016, succeeded; the Governor signed the bills on September 22, 2016. Komorn Law helps you position your business to take maximum advantage of new regulations and protections. Komorn Law guides its clients through the often confusing process of establishing a medical marijuana business with a solid legal foundation. The bills which became law on September 22 are House Bill 4209 (the medical marihuana facilities licensing act), House Bill 4210 (amendments to the medical marihuana act), and ...

Business Development

Civil and Criminal Forfeiture

Police agencies around the state have developed policies regarding seizure and forfeiture of assets belonging to patients and caregivers they find in technical violation of the MMMA. Many times, the prosecutor's office will not bring criminal charges, and instead penalize the patient or caregiver through forfeiture of their property. In addition, Michigan's civil forfeiture laws are ripe for law enforcement and court abuses, leaving those whose property has been seized for civil forfeiture with few good options. Komorn Law can assert your protections under the medical marijuana act or other statutes and demand the return of your property. Contact us for a case evaluation at 800-656-3...

Michael Komorn, Attorney and President of the MMMA addresses the house judiciary committee and discusses why amending the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act will not benefit patients or caregivers.

If you or someone you know is facing charges as a result of Medical Marijuana prescribed to you as a Medical Marijuana patient under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, or would like to explore the benefit of Medical Marijuana as a natural healing solution, contact Komorn Law and ensure your rights are protected.

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