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Inkster Police Beating

March 25, 2015 Here we go again... Watch the videos at the bottom... According to reports in the Detroit Free Press and Channel 4 News. On January 28,  a police dash cam captured an incident involving the police and another human...being... beaten into submission.  The activities took place in Inkster, Michigan. According to reports t

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Inkster Police Beating – Related Incidents

3/28/15 Be sure to read the related articles and watch channel 4 video below The Inkster police officer (William Melendez) shown beating a motorist following a traffic stop has been involved in 12 lawsuits related to his conduct as an officer over the years, including similar allegations in a civil rights suit now pending in federal

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One State May Have Got It Right…So Far

According to a report in the Hartford Courant and a Yahoo News Report dated 3/16/15, a Supreme Court ruling that people convicted in Connecticut for Marijuana possession now have the right to get their convictions erased.   Read more

Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated with Brain Morphometric Measures

A study from The Journal of Neuroscience dated January 28, 2015 was recently released with results from research on brain morphology of daily adult and adolescent users of marijuana. Here are a few quotes from the study... "The United States has seen changing trends concerning the acceptance of marijuana. As of 2013, 20 states had either decr

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The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business?

  All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison labor.  IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and

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Effective Arguments for Medical Marijuana Advocates


Medical marijuana legal defense attorneys are constantly confronted with difficult questions, debates, changing laws and media supporters or critics. How one responds to these challenges will impact a case's outcome and the future of the medical marijuana movement. The main issue is defending qualified

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House Speaker: Michigan must reform asset forfeiture

House Speaker: Michigan must reform asset forfeiture Government exists to provide services to the people, not to profit off them. Unfortunately, some Michigan police departments are doing the latter with actions hidden from public view. Republicans in the Michigan House of Representatives are going to change that. Far too man

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Florida jury acquits grower who cited medical need for marijuana

2015 - An article in the Florida newspaper the Sun Sentential recently revealed how a jury acquitted a man charged with the crime of manufacturing cannabis which is punishable up to a 5 years in prison.  Below are a few quotes from the article. "For the first time in Florida history, a Broward jury acquitted a marijuana grower after finding he

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Indian tribes looks to marijuana as new moneymaker

WASHINGTON — February 26, 2015 Indian tribes are smelling the sweet skunky odor of another potential moneymaking venture in the marijuana business. The first Tribal Marijuana Conference is set on the Tulalip Indian Reservation in Washington state. Delegates from more than 50 tribes in at least 20 states have registered. According to the web

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Michigan voters OK medical marijuana – Why are fewer patients signing up

A recent radio show on NPR featured an interview with Michael Komorn a leading medical marijuana attorney in Southfield and the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association In 2008, Michigan voters said yes to medical marijuana. There are re

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Nixon Oval Office Recordings Reveal Roots of Marijuana Prohibition

There are some declassified Oval Office tapes from 1971-1972 that reveal the foundation of marijuana criminalization is misinformation, culture war and prejudice. The Shafer Commission was appointed by President Nixon and conducted one of the most comprehensive examination and assessment of marijuana performed by the US government. The Oval Offi

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