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Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel Hears New Autism Petition

WHEN: Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 1:00 PM

WHERE: Williams Building, 525 W. Ottawa St., Lansing, MI

WHAT: Public testimony in favor of adding autism to the list of conditions which may be treated with medical marijuana.

After a protracted legal batt

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Lapeer County prosecutor pulled off marijuana case

June 18, 2014 - An article in the County Press newspaper in Lapeer County Michigan written by Phil Foley asserted that a local medical marijuana activist identified as Jamie Fricke, 34 was headed for trial on one of the three felony drug charges. Fricke's attorneys persuaded Chief Circuit Court Judge Nick O. Holowka Read more

When is a Search Warrant Required?

When is a Search Warrant Required? Fourth Amendent The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects Americans from unreasonable searches by the government. That means that absent an emergency situation or other legal exception, a police officer must have a search warrant before conducting a sea

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USSC Holds during Traffic Stops Police can’t detain suspects to wait for drug sniffing dog

USSC Holds during Traffic Stops Police can’t detain suspects to wait for K-9 drug sniffing dog. Search and Seizure, K-9, Dog sniffing, unreasonable searches and seizures. 4th amendment rubber meets the road The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on Tuesday April 21, 2015 that the Constitution forbids police from holding a suspect without probable caus

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Top Pot Researcher Weighs in on Long-Term Effects of Marijuana Use

Just had to place this article as it was without blog banter.  Go ahead and read it. BY PAUL ARMENTANO · MON MAR 02, 2015 Allegations from anti-pot proponents that cannabis use by adults causes serious harms are unwarranted and unproven. So says one of the nation’s leading marijuana researchers.   Speaking recen

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Hash Bash 2015 – Michael Komorn Speaks Out!

Attorney Michael Komorn Speaks Out at the Hash Bash 2015 Rally! Thank you, it is truly an honor to be here today.  This is a special gathering... one that I look forward to every year. It is an exciting time in the United States, it would appear that there is great momentum amongst us...for a more rational approach to marihu

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A Letter from Michael Komorn 4-29-15

As always, there is so much important material to highlight and share with those who are interested in all of our favorite topics: medical cannabis, cannabis reform, United States citizens' constitutional protections, the art of lawyering and trial practice, and industrial hemp research and development. The month of April 2015 was exciting and we h

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