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What life is like after police ransack your house

Komorn Law Annette Shattuck

What life is like after police ransack your house and take ‘every belonging’ — then the charges are drop

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Komorn Law Secures Release Of Lorincz Child From CPS in Marijuana Custody Case

“This is one of those cases in an attorney’s career that is not easily forgotten, and is a reminder to me of the reason I became an attorney.”

– Michael Komorn, attorney from Komorn Law and recipient of the Michigan Bar Association Right to Counsel Award for 2015.   SPRING LAKE- Max Lorincz and

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The Ensemble Effect, Not the Entourage Effect, Says Dr. Grinspoon

It’s a popular theme in marijuana use – the “entourage effect.” It’s defined as the broad-spectrum sense of wellness derived from consuming an unaltered or concentrated form of cannabis. All the natural chemicals found in cannabis are ingested simultaneously. Any single chemical in isolation does not perform in the same way that a subs

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Komorn AVVO Reviews

Research no further, call Komorn.

5.0 stars Posted by a client December 31, 2015 Hired attorney After an incident involving my medical marihuana grow, I found myself being charged with 2 manufacturing felonies. Upon a recommendation from an associate, I retained Michael Komorn. It was the best decision I ever made. Most of the card

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