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Michigan police shoot and kill couple’s dog in their backyard

Friends and neighbors said Rock was friendly and good with strangers. "He wasn't the protector-of-the-house type dog," Showalter told the TV station. "He was just the greet-everybody-and-love-them-t

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Judge Found With Thousands Of Nude Pictures Of Defendants Resigns

Victims said the judge would sentence them to community service, invite them to his home, and ask them to bend over to pick up cans while he took pictures.   Read more

Criminal Defense Attorney of Michigan’s Award Committee

The Criminal Defense Attorney of Michigan’s Award Committee has selected   Michael J. Komorn as the recipient of their Right to Counsel Award. This award recognizes the amazing contributions of a group or individual in the form of legal representation or other extraordinary service. Komorn was recognized at CDAM’

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For your entertainment. Click

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Oregon Will Pay Reparations To Individuals Formerly Convicted Of Marijuana Related Crimes

State officials have announced that starting July 15th, Oregon will begin issuing reparations payments to those previously convicted of marijuana related crimes within the past decade. The decision comes hot on the heels of the marijuana legalizati

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Confusing State Marijuana Laws Lead to Unjust Raids

In July of 2014, the St. Clair County Drug Task Force (DTF) raided the home and business of Annette and Dale Shattuck, a couple who owned a medical marijuana dispensary in Kimball, Michigan.   The Shattucks were at their dispensary, DNA Wellness Center, when DTF agents arrested them, Read more