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Michigans medical-pot fees paying for police raids, vests

When Deborah Young of Ferndale sent her $60 fee to Lansing this year to register as a medical-marijuana user, she assumed the state would use her money to review her paperwork and print her ID card. The fees are “for the operation and oversight of the Michigan medical marihuana program,” says state law — spelling marijuana with an “h,”

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Medical Marijuana, Gun Ownership, and CPLs in Michigan

It is a complex and changing area of law. We know that federal law (18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(3)) makes it a felony for an “unlawful user of … any controlled substance” to “possess … any firearm or ammunition.” Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, so it is a felony for a user of marijuana to possess a firearm or am

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Like them or not, new laws provide framework for dispensaries, extracts

We know where marijuana law and access in Michigan is going in the short term. Two recent legal developments have laid it out. The first development is that there will be no vote on legalizing recreational use of marijuana on this year's ballot. It's been lingering on life support as MI Legalize went through various legal challe

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AVVO Reviews November 2016

Professional and Effective

5.0 stars Posted by Nathan November 29, 2016 My family and I hired Michael for a Minor in Possession. He was able to retain my right to use Medicinal Marijuana while on probation and had the frequency of drug alcohol testing redused significantly. He was extremely well put together both in person and practice

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Michigan State Police Legal Updates

From November 1999 through August 2016

  MSP Legal Update No. 125 (08/16) Statutes: Used Motor Vehicle Parts Act amended regarding buying and receiving used motor vehicle parts, includi

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Medical Marijuana Replaces More Dangerous Drugs

A new study adds to the evidence that letting patients use cannabis saves lives by reducing consumption of pharmaceuticals. Insys Therapeutics, the Arizona-based pharmaceutical company that recently became the Read more