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MMMA Court Case Library

Public Acts modifying the MMMA: 2012-PA-0460.pdf 2012-PA-0512.pdf 2012-PA-0514.pdf Read more

LARA Live-discussing the recent advisory bulletin issued by BMMR regarding CBD and hemp

You are invited to join us for the inaugural presentation of “LARA Live” – a new feature from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.   Join us for LARA Live by navigating to LARA’s Read more

Genetic surveillance

Next time you get a gift for DNA test...say thanks and think twice about submitting it.  DNA collection is becoming he big thing.  Is that Facebook's next take over?


Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a molecule that contains the instructions an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. These instructions are found inside every c

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Get cops out of the fencing racket

Our Editorial: Get cops out of fencing racket

The Detroit News  |  The Detroit News A bill moving through the state Legislature would get police out of the petty theft racket, but would leave the door open for them to continue engaging in grand larceny. Still, it’s a

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LARA Bulletin regarding CBD and Hemp

Cannabidiol (“CBD”) and Industrial Hemp (“Hemp”) Products

Michigan - Based on the statutory definitions related to “marihuana” found in the Michigan Public Health Code (Act 368 of 1978), the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA), and the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA), any extracts of marihuana or extracts

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Regulators recommend Medicinal Marijuana use for 10 new conditions

A review panel on Friday 5-4-18 recommended adding 10 new conditions to the list of ailments for approval for medical marijuana use. The recommended additions are...

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Ulce

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel For New Conditions 5-4-2018 part 1

Video from the meeting of the  Review Panel on May 4, 2018 for new qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use (part 1)

(PART 2)