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Attorney General Holder Aims to Ease Drug Sentencing Guidelines

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Town Hall Meeting in Grass Lake Discusses Decrim

By Michael Komorn Dozens of medical marijuana patients attended a Town Hall meeting in Grass Lake last night hosted by Representatives Mike Shirkey (R) and Jeff Irwin (D). As momentum builds for decriminalization nationwide and public opinion begins to sour towards our nation’s overzealous ”war on drugs,” citizens of Grass Lake and beyond a

Oregon Legalizes Dispensaries

August is turning out to be one robust month for the medical marijuana community, as Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed into law a bill that permits medical marijuana dispensaries. Like in Michigan, medical marijuana patients currently are required to grow the drug themselves or designate a caregiver to grow it for them. As in Michigan, dozens

AG Holder’s Opinion Already Affecting Marijuana Cases

Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech regarding dropping mandatory minimums for many drug crimes is already making an impact. Currently, I am working on a federal case in which my client and his brother have been charged with manufacturing more that 100 marijuana plants. The charges were originally written by an Assistant U.S. Attorney to includ

Sentencing Commission to Review Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

Just a few days following Eric Holder’s speech to the American Bar Association about reassessing the efficacy of the “war on drugs,” the U.S. Sentencing Commission has voted unanimously to beg

Uruguay Sets Low Price for Marijuana at $2.50 per Gram

Uruguay, which recently passed legislation to legalize marijuana, has set the price at $2.50 per gram to undermine the black market. The senate is expected to pass the bill which sets this price to be later signed into law by legalization proponent, President Jose Mujica. Related:

Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients in Utah Produce Negative Results

We’ve heard the argument before from members of the Republican party who lambaste individuals on welfare,calling them everything from wards of the state to lazy pot smoking drug addicts. Many are in favor of programs that would see recipients of welfare going to mandatory drug testing each month. As Republican speaker of the Wyoming House put i

AG Holder: DOJ Will Not Oppose Colorado and Washington Legalization

Attorney General Eric Holder informed the Governor’s of Washington and Colorado that the Justice Department will not interfere with the states’ laws which permit the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. This is a huge win for marijuana activists, and big step away from the War on Drugs. Related:

Can the Police Search Your House Without a Warrant?

Many people know that the police need a warrant to search your house. This is mostly correct, as the Fourth Amendment protects private citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. But did you also know that under the exclusionary rule generally anything seized during an illegal search cannot be used as evidence in court? As a result of the

Senate Hearing on Marijuana Scheduled for Today

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings Tuesday in the nation’s capital that could lead to the legalization of marijuana or at least clarify the mixed messages the federal government has sent to states that have legalized marijuana in some capacity. Requested by its committee chairman, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, the timing was tr

Senate and Department of Justice Discuss Marijuana

By Michael Komorn (Updated from: Senate Hearing on Marijuana Scheduled for Today) Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Patrick Leahy grilled James Cole, Deputy Attorney at the Department of Justice about such topics as whether the federal government

Credit or Debit? Denver Passes Historic Weed Law

The city of Denver passed legislation this week that marks a major breakthrough in Colorado’s fledgling marijuana industry. The bill allows marijuana dispensaries to have normal relationships with their banks instead of having to rely on a cash only system. Now that marijuana businesses may accept checks and credit cards, it is believed that th

Vote to Decriminalize Marijuana in Michigan November 2013

In April of 2013, Representative Jeff Irwin introduced House Bill 4623 that would decriminalize the use and possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for all adult residents of Michigan. The bill was introduced in the wake of other decriminalization initiatives which passed in the cities of Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Flint, and Ypsilanti.

Prominent Figures in Mexico Call for Marijuana Reform

coalition of prominent Mexican leaders, including former ministers, businessmen, artists and a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, called for the government to decriminalize marijuana in an attempt to lower levels of gang violence and corruption. Roughly 80,000 people have been killed since 2007 in turf wars between drug cartels as well as armed conf

Michigan Edges Closer to Drug Testing, Community Service for Unemployed

Two bills targeting the most under privileged citizens of Michigan passed the legislature on Wednesday, and now only need approval in the House to take effect. The bills, one of which sponsored by Republican Senator Joe Hune, require those in need of public assistance to submit to drug testing and to perform unpaid work in their communities.

Mother Takes 3 Year-Old-Son Off of Chemotherapy and Opts for Marijuana

Sierra watched in horror as her 3-year-old boy grew violently ill in response to radiation and chemotherapy. Diagnosed with Leukemia, Landon Riddle’s doctors recommended the most aggressive treatment available. Sierra felt helpless as her son began vomiting dozens of times a day and endured constant pain, causing him to go 25 days straight withou

26 Studies That Show Cannabis Cures Cancer

List of 26 studies showing that cannabis cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancer being treated. Note that the consistent theme between them is that marijuana shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. Cures Brain Cancer

Colorado Accepts First Applicants for Marijuana Stores

Colorado made history yesterday when it accepted the first applications for recreational marijuana stores. The applications were submitted by appointment only to avoid the overwhelming rush of people wanting to open store fronts, grow facilities, and infused-products operations. Overall, 99 applications have been received, with 23 accepted as of

States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuanav

Four states have pending legislation to legalize medical marijuana. As more and more states debate whether to permit the medical use of cannabis, it will be interesting to see whether the caregiver or dispensary model, or some mixture of both, will prevail. Pressure will mount on the Federal Government to change the scheduling of cannabis as a majo

Reflecting On People v. King

People v. King may be regarded as the most significant ruling for the Michigan Medical Cannabis Community. To fully understand the impact of this decision one must first consider what was taking place in Courts throughout the State of Michigan regarding the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA) at the time the decision was reached. Judges and pr

Texans Support Legalizing Marijuana

Recent Public Policy Polling shows that a significant majority of Texans would support ending the prohibition on marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. In the poll, 58 percent of respondents replied “support” when asked, “Do you support or oppose changing the law in Texas to allow seriously and terminally ill patients to use me

Supreme Court Will Decide if Michigan Cities can Ban Medical Marijuana

The city of Wyoming argues that it can reject the voter-approved MMMA because it violates federal law. This week, attorneys will argue before the State Supreme Court whether the city, and thereby any Michigan city, can reject the act. The whole ordeal began in 2010 when attorney John Ter Beek filed a lawsuit in the Kent County Circuit Court aga

MM Community Response to AG Holder’s Speech: Cautious Optimism, or Increased Tension?

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Nevada Senator Wants Pardons for Medical Marijuana Patients

Nevadans convicted of felony possession and sale of marijuana could be pardoned if Senator Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas gets his way. In 2015, he will introduce a bill that requires the state to pardon convictions against medical marijuana cardholders in his state. The United States has the largest prison population of any country in the world, an

Carry-on Cannabis?

Could medical marijuana users finally get a break from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)? It’s not yet clear-cut, but it seems that this federal agency may have relaxed their response to travelers with prescription cannabis. TSA’s official website st