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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Obsessed with Marijuana

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Obsessed with Marijuana By Michael Komorn This past April, seven Michigan Representatives led by Rep Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) introduced House Bill 4623

God Doesn’t Care If You Smoke Weed; Pastors Push Decriminalization

“God is too big to be concerned about somebody smoking a joint.” By Michael Komorn The “war on drugs” has yet another opposition — this time, a network of pastors is speaking out against the devastating effect it has had on the black community. (Related:

US District Court Judge rules police cannot enter a car without a warrant to facilitate a drug dog sniff

Federal Judge Applies GPS Ruling To Drug Dog Traffic Stop

Michael talks Medical Marijuana With 101.9 WDET’s Craig Fahle

Drug Checkpoints: Unconstitutional

By Michael Komorn The Supreme Court ruled in City of Indianapolis V. Edmund that drug check points are unconstitutional. So what happens when you see one on the highway? Keep calm and carry on. Police, especially in the Mid-west, have been using drug check points as a t

Five Facts About the War on Drugs

By Michael Komorn You may or may not already know some of these, but it really is astounding what kinds of things we could accomplish if our government would change its policy on drugs. From reducing racial discrimination, cutting down on the national deficit, and treating drug addiction as a public health concern rather than a criminal offense

Marijuana: More like a Loaf of Bread than a Party Drug

Colorado announces rules for recreational Marijuana sales By Michael Komorn The state was required to release rules and guidelines for how recreational marijuana would be regulated by July 1st. The department of revenue, tasked with producing the rules, was mostly concerned with product testing and labeling. Washington, whi

Knowing When to Exercise Your Rights

Remember, even if you are doing nothing wrong, there are a number of different outcomes that can occur from a police encounter. The short list includes: 1) No action, no problems; 2) A warning or citation; 3) An arrest and/or criminal charges. Exercising your rights in ways such as asking the officer if you are free to leave, declaring

Planet Green Trees Episodes 121-130

CHECK OUT PLANET GREEN TREES ON YOUTUBE! PLANET GREEN TREES EPISODE 130-THE UNFORGOTTEN-PART 2 Tonight’s Topic: We will be revisiting some of the important cases still pending in the Judicial system that will have an impact on the interpretation of the Michigan Med

This is What Legalization Looks Like

The Colorado Department of Revenue, tasked with providing the guidelines of how legal marijuana would be distributed, issued its “Emergency Rules Related to the Marijuana Code,” which outlines the rules for the distribution and retail of Marijuana. This is huge, and is the equivalent of an amoeba crawling out of the water. When referring to h

Why Police Lie Under Oath

Thousands of people plead guilty to crimes every year in the United States because they know that the odds of a jury’s believing their word over a police officer’s are slim to none. As a juror, whom are you likely to believe: the alleged criminal in an orange jumpsuit or two well-groomed police officers in uniforms who just swore to God they’

What Did I Just Get Charged With?

Below is a list of common drug offenses as defined by the State of Michigan. If it is your second offense, it is important you read statute 333.7413 below. 333.7413 Conviction of second or subsequent violation; penalty.

Pot Legalization Could Save the Country Billions Per Year

The government would save an estimated $13.7 billion on prohibition enforcement costs and tax revenue by legalizing marijuana, according to a paper endorsed by 300 economists. To learn more, please read: Economists: Legalizing Po

Struggling Cities Generate Revenue From Dispensaries

The city of Oakland, California raised $1.3 million in tax revenue from medical marijuana dispensaries in 2011, 3 percent of the city’s total business tax revenue, according to The New York Times. To read more, click here: Gener

Marijuana Prisoners Cost $1 Billion a Year

By Michael Komorn In 2005, nearly 800,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana related charges. In 2006, more than 830,000 were arrested. in 2007? A staggering 873,000. The latest statistics released by the FBI show that in 2011, there were about

10 Police Raids Gone Wrong

By Michael Komorn Members from an Atlanta police narcotics team got a tip from an informant about an alleged drug stash, in November, 2006. As it turned out, the alleged drug house belonged to 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston. (Related: What Did I Just Get Charged With

Arizona Supreme Court Sets Example for Michigan, Other Medical Marihuana States

This case has been updated: See Arizona Sheriff Refuses to Hand Over Pot July 10, 2013 By Michael Komorn Hats off and a thumbs up to the Arizona Supreme Court letting stand

Taylor man steers wheelchair to White House to advocate for medical marijuana users

By Michael Komorn In dramatic fashion, 52-year-old Curtis Kile, who is afflicted with cerebral palsy is rolling his wheelchair to the White House to advocate for medical marijuana users. Kile departed his Taylor home June 14 and inched his way down sidewalks, through traffic, across mountains and through cities and small towns from Michigan t

Medical Marijuana for Children, Desperate Parents Find Relief

By Michael Komorn A new leaf in the medical marijuana conversation has been turned over as parents desperate to help children with diverse health issues, from autism to severe epilepsy, are turning to medical marijuana to provide relief. Currently, 18 states, plus Washington, D.C., permit

Arizona Sheriff Refuses to Give Back Pot

Ariz. Sheriff Refuses to Give Back Pot To Cali. Patient (Updated from: Arizona Supreme Court Sets Example for Michigan, Other Medical Marihuana States) July 17, 2013 By

The Edward Byrne Memorial Competitive Grant Program-Good Intentions Gone Awry

The Edward Byrne Memorial Competetive Grant Program, or Byrne Grant for short, was created in 1988 by the Federal Government after a New York City narcotics officer was killed by a drug dealer. The Byrne Grants were aimed at provi

Michigan State Police Return Medical Marijuana to Patient In 2010, Michigan State Police returned the medical marijuana they seized from our client during a traffic stop. The cannabis was returned after we obtained a dismissal of all charges in a court order directing the arresting agency to return the

Federal-State Conflict Over Medical Marijuana Increases Pain

By Michael Komorn Last week, I came across a story in the Huffington Postthat detailed the suffering of two patients who got caught up in the conflict between State and Federal guidelines on Medical Marijuana. The story of the two patients profiled

The research of Dr. Donald Tashkin

Dr. Donald Tashkin, the medical director of UCLA’s Pulmonary Function Laboratory, has conducted research on the effects of marijuana on the lungs for over thirty years. Though his work was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse who were hoping to link marijuana use with lung disease, Dr. Tashkin has found that in some ways the opposite is

Who Wants To Keep Marijuana Illegal And Why?

On Dec.10, 2010, on a statewide ballot, California voters narrowly struck down the Regulate Control and Tax Cannabis Act. If passed, Prop 19 would have allowed marijuana to have been bought, sold and taxed like alcohol or tobacco. The proposition got more votes than the republican gubernatorial candidate that year and ultimately failed due to a mas