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Senate Passes Bill Allowing Pharmacies to Dispense Medical Marijuana

Michigan patients using medical marijuana could obtain the drug from a pharmacy after a proposal was passed today by the Senate. Federal approval, along with a rescheduling of cannabis would be needed to implement the proposal, however. The Republican-led Senate approved the measure today, saying that the Pharmaceutical Cannabis would run along

Gretchen Whitmer Stands with Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Community

The Planet Green Trees Radio team was delighted to have Michigan Senator and Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer on the show this past Thursday. We discussed the recent passa

That Hemp Necklace You Like is Going to Come Back In Style

That Hemp Necklace You Like is Going to Come Back In Style The Drug Enforcement Administration has kicked its lobbying against legalizing industrial hemp into high gear, hoping to block an amendment in the House that would decriminalize the crop for research purposes. The amendment to the farm bill, proposed by Rep. Jared Pol

DEA Raids Legal Pot Shops in Colorado

Dozens of legal growers and dispensaries in Denver were devastated after Federal Agents raided them, taking piles of plants and cartons of cannabis infused drinks just weeks ahead of the date that businesses were set to open their doors in Colorado to the public. The raids sent a message to recreational marijuana businesses that the Feds will be k