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2015 Michigan State Police Asset Forfeiture Report Final

2015 Michigan State Police Asset Forfeiture Report Final Final stats for 2014 for Michigan Police Agencies who decided to report asset forfeitures.  Many did not...So one would imagine the stats are not transparent

Editorial: Court puts limit on police stealing

A state court has broken up one of the biggest theft rings in Michigan.   The state Supreme Court should let the ruling stand and the Legislature should enshrine it in law.   The Michigan Court of Appeals recently ruled that a key provision of the civil forfeiture law violates the due process rights of defendants. &n

Feds using forfeiture to their advantage

The Justice Department recently announced that it is resuming the “equitable sharing” part of its civil asset forfeiture program, thus ending one of the major criminal justice reform victories of the Obama administration.   Civil asset forfeiture is a le

Editorial: Toughen proposed forfeiture reforms

Innocence until proven guilty should also mean an individual isn’t punished until guilt is established in court. But in Michigan and other states, a suspect can lose property and cash without ever even being charged with a crime.   A package of bills voted unanimously out of committee would establish a higher threshold for civil

Mich. cops seized $24M in 2014 in drug cases

Michigan police agencies seized some $23.9 million last year from suspected drug traffickers, according to a forfeiture report released by the Michigan State Police.   Subtracting costs and shares of assets paid out to partnering organizations, state law enforcement agencies netted $20.4 million, according to data disclosed last month in

Court: Pot as tip no reason for police to seize car

Westland — Marijuana and pizza may be a popular combination, but the state Court of Appeals ruled last week it isn’t enough to warrant police seizure of property.   The state appellate court overturned the forfeiture of a car after ruling the driver didn’t use the vehicle to buy marijuana found by police, but instead recei

Federal Bureau of Prisons-Reducing our Use of Private Prisons

MEMORANDUM FOR THE ACTING DIRECTOR FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS   Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates instructed officials in a memo Thursday to either decline to renew the contracts for private prison operators when they expire or substantially reduce the contracts scope. The goal, Yates wrote, is reducing  and ultimate

US Dept of Justice letter regarding prosecution for marijuana

Attorney General Eric Holder's speech regarding dropping mandatory minimums for many drug crimes is already making an impact. Read the letter from the DOJ

US v Ricky Brown fed opinion ( carpenter )

US v Ricky Brown fed opinion ( carpenter )   AMENDED OPINION JANE B. STRANCH, Circuit Judge.   A jury convicted Ricky Brown of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of

Clio marihuana dispensary fighting Genesee County Prosecutor’s office in court

CLIO (WJRT) - (04/25/16) - A Mid-Michigan marihuana dispensary is fighting the Genesee County Prosecutor's office in court after FANG shut them down. The owner of the Clio dispensary says warrants weren't valid and he wants his business back open.   Attorneys from both sides were in Judge Hayman's court Monday afterno

A miscarriage of justice on marijuana

US police are using a flawed scientific test in drugs busts that gives 'false positives' to strongarm citizens into plea bargaining.   As if America's highly-publicised "war on drugs" were not already facing a credibility gap, two US superior court judges – one in Washington, DC, another in Colorado – are raising questions abo

New Roadside Drug Test

What is the law?   The Michigan legislature has passed into law a one-year pilot program set up in five counties that allows for Michigan State Police to perform roadside drug tests. The way this will work is if a driver gets pulled over for a traffic offense, in one of the five c

Has the Most Common Marijuana Test Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Wrongful Convictions?

More than 800,000 people are arrested on marijuana charges each year in the United States, many on the basis of an error-prone test.   Raised in Montana and a resident of Alaska for 18 years, Robin Rae Brown, 48, always made time to explore in the wilderness. On March 20, 2009, she parked her pickup truck outside Weston,

Details Of New Drugged Driving Law Not Pretty, Not Science

FARMINGTON- A pilot program allowing the Michigan State Police and special Drug Recognition Experts to administer a roadside test to detect the presence of THC in a person's saliva was approved in Michigan. Although the bill creating this program was passed by both House and Senate, it had to overcome stiff resistance to do so. A previous effort to

Why Are Michigan Prosecutors Reassessing Their Cases Against Medical Marijuana Patients?

Trying to understand why prosecutors in St. Clair County, Michigan, suddenly decided to drop their case against Ginnifer Hency, a medical marijuana patient and caregiver, and return the property that police seized from her home, I obtained se

Komorn Law- Michigan State Police Return Medical Marijuana to Patient

In 2010, Michigan State Police returned the medical marijuana they seized from our client during a traffic stop. The cannabis was returned after we obtained a dismissal of all charges in a court order directing the arresting agency to return the medical marijuana to our client.

Michigan Medical Cannabis Attorney Michael Komorn Speaks Out

Michigan Medical Cannabis Attorney Michael Komorn talking about the issues in the United States on how our government has oppressed its own people and turned our citizens into financial slaves.   Michael runs a free blogtalk radio show highlighting Cannabis law changes and court cases on a weekly basis   You can find the show

CMN TV Michigan Town Hall Live Medical Marijuana Revisited

Uploaded on Oct 12, 2011 CMN TV - Michigan Town Hall Live - Medical Marijuana Revisited Host: Charlie Langton Panelists: Rick Thompson - MM Magazine edi

Vibrator taken during marijuana police raid, says woman-FOX 2

Published on Jun 2, 2015 Ginnifer Hency says that police raid led investigators to seize a couple of guns, a small amount of cash and cell phones with a lot of medical marijuana. And also something very personal.

Libertarian Johnson: Drug war ‘root cause’ of police shootings

Gary Johnson believes the tensions between police and minorities that led to two high-profile police shootings and the deaths of five Dallas police officers has a root cause: The long-running war on drugs.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed

Police Misconduct Reports

Attorney: Crime labs ‘falsified’ marijuana reports

A Southfield lawyer alleges the Michigan State Police crime labs have “falsified lab reports on marijuana statewide” and he’s asking a judge to dismisses charges lodged against a client.   Michael Komorn, who also represents defendants in Livingston County, said his office’s discovery stems from Ottawa County resident Maxwell Lor

Crime labs ‘bend science’ to strip medical marijuana rights, lawsuit says

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – State police crime labs intentionally misrepresent marijuana oil and edibles as having unknown origins, a tactic that can turn a misdemeanor possession charge into a felony and remove protections for Michigan's medical marijuana users, a federal lawsuit claims.

Federal class action lawsuit filed against MSP crime labs over marijuana reporting policy

DETROIT — Attorneys filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Michigan State Police crime labs this week, claiming its current marijuana reporting policy violates due process and Fourth Amendment rights and demanding it be thrown out for good.   This suit would have statewide impact, directly affecting the some 180,000 registere