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Criminal Defense Attorney of Michigan Award Committee

The Criminal Defense Attorney of Michigan’s Award Committee has selected   Michael J. Komorn as the recipient of their Right to Counsel Award. This award recognizes the amazing contributions of a group or individual in the form of legal representation or other extraordinary service. Komorn will be recognized at CDAM

Oakland County drug test results vanish – courts misled

A computer error is being blamed for wrongly accusing hundreds of people of skipping court-ordered drug tests, subjecting them to potential penalties including fines and jail time. Jail Alternatives for Michigan Services, known as JAMS, is metro Detroit's largest provider of court-ordered drug testing. The company experienced the issue in lat

Komorn Awarded Highest Honor For Criminal Defense Attorneys

One of the state’s most active medical marijuana specialist attorneys has been honored by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) with their “Justice For All” Award.   Southfield attorney Michael Komorn was announced as recipient of the honor this week. Of the thousand

Felony synthetic THC charge tossed in Michigan man’s battle with crime lab

GRAND HAVEN, MI -- A judge has sided with a Spring Lake man in his battle to get a felony marijuana charge dismissed, a case that hinged on controversial state police testing methods.  

Judge dismissed felony charge against medical marijuana patient Max Lorincz

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. – After 16 months of a criminal and family court battle, an Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge dismissed wrongful felony charges against a Spring Lake father and card-carrying medical marijuana patient for having “synthetic THC.”   Friday Max Lorincz was in court for multiple hearings regarding his criminal case

Letter – From A Chicago Doctor Regarding Painkillers

Marijuana could help end America's painkiller problem I have been a practicing physician in the Chicago land area for more than 30 years with a specialty in pain medicine. A recent report from the 

Southfield attorneys accuse MSP Crime Lab of negligence and incompetence

Two local attorneys have filed a formal complaint against the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, suggesting the agency should be made into an independent entity, but state officials have refuted the accusations of negligence and incompetence.   Southfield-based attorneys Neil Rockind and Michael

Forensic scientists blast State Police crime lab THC policy as man fights to get son back

Maxwell Lorincz lives in Spring Lake near Lake Michigan with his wife and their six-year-old son. At least, they did live with their son, until a year and a half ago.   They lost custody of him after Lorincz was charged with a felony for possessing synthetic THC. He’s a card-carrying medical marijuana patient. But that hasn’t helped

People v Redden & Clark – MI Medical Marijuana hearing – February 20 2013

During this February 20, 2013 hearing, Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Beth Hand notified the court that her office is contemplating filing criminal charges against a medical doctor for his involvement in certifying two medical marijuana patients, Robert Redden and Torey Clark. The protracted case against Redden and Clark was initially dismi

When Science Becomes a Puppet For Police

by Rick Thompson / January 8, 2016 The watchers watch themselves Misreporting test results, collusion with prosecutors to turn misdemeanors into felonies.   LANSING – Formal complaints have been filed in federal court against the Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory by criminal d

Crime Lab and Forensic Scandals

Just some of the known...   20150305 - Prosecutors criticize D.C. crime lab’s handling of some DNA evidence Prosecutors criticize D.C. crime la

Study Finds That State Crime Labs Are Paid Per Conviction

What?!?!....Really?!?!   Article by Radley Balko  in the Huffington Post  

Private Crime Labs Could Prevent Errors, Analyst Bias

The Detroit Free Press made an astonishing discovery last month. The city's former crime lab had been abandoned. As the paper reported, "Thousands of rounds of live ammunition, sealed evidence

2016 Will Be Marijuana’s Big Year

2015 was a pretty amazing year for progress in the legalization of marijuana.   Four states and the District of Columbia legalized recreational marijuana, many states decriminalized it and several more states approved medical marijuana. But for all the advances made in 2015, the year was just a run up to 2016, when the presidential elect

LARA-Excluding Autism As Condition for Medical Marijuana

Zimmer: Decision Excluding Autism As Condition `Straightforward,' `Difficult' The move not to add autism as a condition treated with medical marijuana was straightforward, but still difficult, the state official in charge of such decisions said.   As director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

Marijuana And Election 2016 – Where The Presidential Candidates Stand

Legalization of marijuana is expected to be a big issue during the 2016 elections. Many states will have ballot items regarding the legalization of marijuana and for some voters, it's the only issue they care about. Some candidates are very clear as to their position, while others are hard to pin down and deliver confusing and conflicting messages.

Michigan Marijuana Legalization Initiative 2016

Posted on BallotPedia   The Marijuana Legalization Initiative is an initiated state statute proposed for the Michigan ballot on

Medical Marijuana Lawyers Want Crime Lab Removed From Michigan State Police

A group of criminal defense attorneys says the Michigan State Police (MSP) should no longer oversee the state crime lab.  “We in Michigan accept the idea we’ve got a Michigan State Police crime lab.  That is inherently problematic.  But we accept it, because that’s how it is,” said attorney Michael

Medical marijuana lawyers want state crime lab moved out of Michigan State Police

"The attorneys claim the policy change is leading to unfair felony charges for patients who would otherwise face misdemeanors."   Posted on    

Defense attorneys seek fed inquiry of MSP crime labs

Southfield — Three defense attorneys are asking the federal government to investigate the Michigan State Police crime laboratories, alleging misconduct in their testing for pending drug cases.   Southfield defense attorneys Neil Rockind and Michael Komorn, along with Michael Nichols of East Lansing, want the National Institut

Court Sides With IRS Against Colorado Dispensary

December 21, 2015 - A Colorado cannabis business has lost a court battle that could have set an important tax precedent for the marijuana industry.   The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado rejected a request to overturn a ruling forcing a now-defunct dispensary 

Federal complaints allege marijuana misreporting by State Police crime lab

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- At least three attorneys filed federal complaints Tuesday against the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division for allegations of serious negligence or misconduct, and to contest grant money the crime labs received this year.   However, officials with both the MSP and the Michigan Attorney General’s Office

Detroit passes ordinance to regulate medical pot shops

The Detroit City Council on Thursday approved an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.   The vote was 6-1, with council member Scott Benson voting no. Members George Cushingberry and Raquel Castaneda-Lopez were not present.   The ordinance will not only limit the growth of dispensaries in Michigan’

MI Cops Change Policy So They Can Falsely Imprison Legal Pot Smokers

In 2008, an overwhelming majority of Michigan voters approved legislation to legalize marijuana for medical use in the state. With nearly 50,000 Michigan residents arrested and incarcerated each year for controlled substance violations, the state’s prison industrial com

Most Americans don’t realize it’s this easy for police to take your cash

Civil asset forfeiture is a controversial but legal practice that allows police to seize cash and property from people