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ERAD – Is it real?

I don't know...But here is a story about it.  Your on your own to find the truth.  After the article there will be some links to other sites that will present the device in a different light. Police Use Device to Strip Money from Drivers' Debit Cards Police officers are usi

LARA-BMMR Bulletin-Safety Compliance Facilities Testing

On March 14, 2018 The Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has posted a revised technical bulletin for clarification on testing and accreditation standards. The bulletin refers to Safety Compliance Facilities

MMMA all government statistics, reports, grants and analysis

Michael Komorn is an expert Michigan Medical Marijuana Criminal Defense Lawyer, but staying an expert requires one to keep track of all of the MMMA reports, policies, notices and Administrative rules. Many departments within the Michigan state government have issued policies on

LARA BMMR MMFLA All Forms, Bulletins, letters, board meetings, regulations and FAQs.

Michael Komorn is the leading expert attorney dedicated to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and the Marijuana Tracking Act. Call Komorn Law PLLC today if you are interested in working in or with the Michigan medical marijuana business industry. We offer expert planning and advice  for a

Michigan Methamphetamine Defense

  Bill Schuette, the current Michigan Attorney General, is waging war against Meth users, dealers and labs. Innocent people get swept up with meth crimes when police run field tests on any powdery substances, frequently returning false positive results. Komorn Law can defend Michigan and Federal charges of methamphetamine possession , me

Foster Care Agencies Allegedly Discriminated Against Poor, Medical Marijuana Patients

Two families -- including one mom who alleges Child Protective Services took her suckling baby from her breast -- are suing the state, alleging discrimination because they are medical marijuana users and poor. In the lawsuit, attorney Michael KOMORN alleges the faith-based foster care and adoption agencies used by the State of

ICLE – Michael Komorn

Michael A. Komorn Komorn Law PLLC Farmington Hills, Michigan Michael A. Komorn focuses on medical marijuana representation. He is the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group with over 32,000 members, which advocat


  Here are some links to articles posted by Attorney Michael Komorn   US Government Collecting and Using Citizen Communications

280E repeal possible as part of GOP tax package

The Republican tax reform bill currently being debated in the U.S. Senate may end up including a repeal of 280E for state-licensed marijuana companies if a last-minute bipartisan amendment makes it into the legislation.

Kent County woman who ran marijuana dispensary charged with several felonies

There are 3 related articles from Dec 2016  /  Oct 2017  /  Dec 2017 DEC 2016 Woman who ran marijuana dispensary charged with several felonies, including racketeering John Hogan, WZZM 11:39 PM. EST December 15, 2016 PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, MICH. - A Comstock Park woman police say ran an illegal

Snyder signs medical marijuana rules

Lansing — Gov. Rick Snyder signed emergency rules Monday allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to stay open after Dec. 15 without affecting their chances of getting a state license in certain circumstances. Under one of dozens of new medical marijuana administrative rules Snyder approved, marijuana pot shops that were approved by t

Michigan roadside drug testing device and procedures explained

If you are pulled over in one of five Michigan counties and a police officer believes you're impaired by drugs, you could be asked to submit your saliva to be tested. A Michigan State Police official explained the process for the state's new roadside drug testing pilot program that begins Wednesday, Nov. 8, in Berrien, Delta, Kent, St. Clair and

Why Marijuana Assets May Not Be Administered in Bankruptcy

Marijuana continues to be regulated by Congress as a dangerous drug, and as the Supreme Court has recognized, the federal prohibition of marijuana takes precedence over state laws to the contrary.

Michigan police face questions about using experimental saliva drug test at DUI stops

Michigan Medical Marijuana Association president Michael Komorn said he's concerned about the test's accuracy   NILES, Mich. — Michigan State Police officers are conducting roadside saliva tests on suspected drug-impaired motorists as part of a program spurring que

Medical marijuana enforcement hazy as state forms rules

Lansing— The road to the Michigan Capitol is lined with marijuana. It’s almost impossible to drive to the capital dome without seeing scores of shop signs emblazoned with bright green medical crosses and plucky names — BudzRUs, TruReleaf, Best Buds, Kind Provisioning Center — all along Michigan Avenue and the city at large. A co

Medical marijuana enforcement hazy as state forms rules

Lansing— The road to the Michigan Capitol is lined with marijuana. It’s almost impossible to drive to the capital dome without seeing scores of shop signs emblazoned with bright green medical crosses and plucky names — BudzRUs, TruReleaf, Best Buds, Kind Provisioning Center — all along Michigan Avenue and the city at large. A co

Michigan’s war on pot

I was at a meeting of the Detroit City Planning Commission when a proposed dispensary law was being discussed. One commissioner, clearly an opponent of marijuana stores, asked, "If we pass this, can we start closing these places tomorrow?" Donald Bailey, a member of the Medical Marihuana Licensing Board that is tasked with setti

Medical marijuana caregiver sues in federal court after police raid his home

GRAND RAPIDS — A medical marijuana caregiver has filed a federal lawsuit after police raided his St. Joseph County home last year. Police arrested Sean Muntian and his wife, April Armstrong, after raids at their Three Rivers home and business, Triple Ripple Hydroponics. Police seized marijuana and grow equipment, and prompted an investigation

Charges reinstated in medical marijuana case

KIMBALL TOWNSHIP, MI (AP) - The Michigan appeals court again has reversed a decision and reinstated charges against a man who was accused of running illegal medical marijuana dispensaries in the state's Thumb region. The court says James Amsdill knew the legality of marijuana sales was unclear and was also aware that state police didn't view


July 2017 Marijuana Impaired Driving Report to Congress Click here to read the report

Michigan Supreme Court overturns decision in case it heard at Detroit’s Cass Tech

The Michigan Supreme Court has reversed a state appeals court decision, issuing a ruling Wednesday that a single photo identification of a man suspected of robbing and shooting another man at gunpoint in Detroit wasn't sufficient.   It's a case that was argued last week before hundreds of students at Cass Tech High School in Detroit, as

Medical marijuana super grows would be snuffed out under bill

LANSING, MI - The legislature is considering a bill that would limit medical marijuana growing licenses to 1,500 plants per location, something that's the exact opposite of what the Department of Licensing and 

The More You Know-Top 5 Predatory Practices in California Cannabis

POSTED IN BUSINESS BASICS, CALIFORNIA, LICENSING   With temporary licensing on the horizon, California’s cannabis industry is obvio

Michigan local governments take note – Rules emerge for medical marijuana facilities

With rules forthcoming from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Michigan State University Extension is offering training for local government on next steps in local regulation of medical marijuana facilities.   On September 21, 2016, Governor Snyder signed three new laws that clarify and add to the state’s voter-approve

Marijuana’s Pay-To-Play Licensing Trend

Setting up ridiculously difficult requirements for licensing eligibility prioritizes the high profits of a few over industry efficiency, true competition, and patient/consumer rights.   State-sanctioned medical marijuana operational licenses are increasingly becoming a “pay-to-play, greatest barrier to entry” model. In this sort of s