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Security Systems – You should have one!!

For most... a security video system is a tool to protect themselves from liability, false accusations and identify activities around their home or business.  For some,  such as thieves, those who make false accusations and works against them.   There can not be enough said about video security systems and how they

Trial Set For 3 Men Charged In Brighton Township Marijuana Raid

Three men will go to trial next month after police say they were growing large quantities of marijuana illegally.  All are charged with delivering or manufacturing between 5 and 45 kilograms of marijuana, the equivalent of between 20 and 200 plants, as well as a generic charge of delivering or manufacturing marijuana. The c

Michigan panel recommends allowing medical marijuana for autism

Michael Komorn, a Michigan attorney who specializes in medical marijuana laws and is also the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, who filed a petition on behalf of a mother in southeastern Michigan, said no other

Once in a Blue Moon…Happened Tonight

7/31/15 - This month there was a full moon on July 1 and tonight, the last day of July, there's another. A blue moon occurs roughly once every 2.7 years," according to A blue moon, at least according to the modern definition of the te

Critics claim police drug task forces are abusing their authority in Michigan

Attorney Michael Komorn (center) and Former state lawmaker Tom McMillin (right) takes part in a discussion of alleged abuses by law enforcement drug task forces in Michigan.   Attorney Michael Komorn who specializes in Medical Marijuana participates in a meeting in Port Huron about how law enforcement drug ta

MICHIGAN SUPREME COURT – Sentencing Guidelines Unconstitutional

LANSING, MI 7/30/15 — In a decision that could have a far-reaching impact on current and future cases going through the court system, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the state’s sentencing guidelines that mandate prison terms are unconstitutional, and that judges should use them only in an advisory capac

Medical Cannabis Crackdown in Michigan?

Medical Cannabis Crackdown in Michigan? 7/20/15 - Michigan law enforcement has thrown down the legal gauntlet against at least three medical cannabis dispensaries this month, including two in the Detroit metro area and one in a small town several hours northwest of the city.   In Detroit proper, the dispensary Detroit Medz was raided

Another State Legalizes Hemp Production, Nullifies Federal Law

Connecticut is over its ban on hemp. Beginning July 1, the industrial crop will be as legal as every other farmable thing. That flies in the face of the federal government’s criminalization of hemp. “What this gets down to is the power of the people,” said

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research has found that marijuana may help to heal broken bones…

A new study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research has found that smoking marijuana may help to heal broken bones more quickly. Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that rats with broken bones healed more quickly when given cannabinoid, or CBD, the non-psychotropic compound in weed, and THC. The study, published in the Jour

What’s required of you in a Michigan traffic stop?

July 24, 2015 Dashcam video released this week from a traffic stop shows how a confrontation between a Texas woman and the arresting officer escalated. Given the circumstances in the aforementioned Sandra Bland case, we wanted to find out what is allowed and not allowed during a traffic stop in Michigan. Civil rights attorney Julia Kelly

Medical pot review panel: State omits autism documents

State officials on Monday acknowledged they'd omitted hundreds of pages of medical studies from packets supplied to a state review panel slated to consider medical marijuana for treating autism according to the Detroit Free Press. The panel will reconvene July 31 to reconsider autism, officials said. "I became aware several weeks ago that we

Who Really Controls LARA And Medical Marijuana In Michigan?

Activists are screaming mad at the conduct of officials representing Governor Rick Snyder’s administration during a hearing today to determine if autism should be added to the list of illness that qualify a patient to use medical marijuana in Michigan. The petition, submitted in 2014, contains a summary of 75 peer-reviewed articles on autism and

Making an example – Detroit Dispensary Raid

A blog article from the Metro Times by Larry Gabriel  features a quote by Attorney Michael Kormorn. Some excerpts from the article... Last week the Detroit Medz shop on Detroit's west side was raided for "selling marijuana outside the provisions of the state medical marijuana act," says Sgt. Cassandra Lewis of the Detroit police med

Detroit police make arrests at marijuana dispensary

The Detroit police raided and made arrests at marijuana dispensary in an article in the Detroit Free Press from July  14, 2015. Detroit police arrested two people and confiscated two firearms and drugs during a raid on a marijuana dispensary Tuesday afternoon. Police seized 4,100 grams of marijuana (about 9 pounds), and removed 12 edible mar

What’s Really Wrong With Forfeiture – The Bigger Issue

What's Really Wrong With Forfeiture - The Bigger Issue   With all these articles and talk about forfeiture reform and blah, blah, blah.  The bigger issue has been overlooked. Ok so they take some of your belongings they assume were purchased with some kind of illegal funds.  Like the leaf blower you got from your dads house a

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Imagine going back home one day to find an empty house and all your belongings gone; or even worse, imagine being in your house and having your door suddenly smashed open by law enforcement officers in masks and being told at gunpoint that your personal possessions are being taken away. This is what happened to Annette Shattuck, a mother of four

Michigan Medical Marihuana Patient Bill of Rights

On November 8th, 2008, by a majority of 63 percent, the citizens of the State of Michigan voted into law the constitutional initiative, Initiated Law 1 of 2008, ratified into law December 4, 2008, herein referred to as the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, MCL 333.26421 et seq. (the “MMMA”).   The voters of the State of Michigan, who a

Scientific Studies: Cannabis Annihilates Cancer

Over 100 Scientific Studies Agree Cannabis Annihilates Cancer   An interesting article from the website  A lot of links to government and other studies.  Lots of scientific research stuff...Take a look. Note: There is so much information here and there are a lot of links to many  informative

Colorado Supreme Court: Employers can fire for off-duty pot use

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday Jun 15, 2015, that Employers’ zero-tolerance drug policies trump Colorado’s medical marijuana laws.   In a 6-0 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed lower court rulings that businesses can fire employees for the use of medical marijuana even if it’s off-duty.   Colorado bec

Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors because of widespread corruption

Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors because of widespread corruption   Orange County, California. With more than 3 million residents, it's larger than 21 states. If Orange County were a separate country, its economy would be the 45th largest in the world.   Now known for Disneyland, the county may soon be kno

Does freezing defendant’s untainted assets violate right to counsel of choice?

U.S. Supreme Court Does freezing defendant’s untainted assets violate right to counsel of choice? SCOTUS to decide By Debra Cassens Weiss Jun 9, 2015, 05:45 am CDT The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide whether a pretrial freeze of a criminal defendant’s assets that are untainted b

Forfeiture laws need reforming to halt unjust seizures

A recent (6/8/15) editorial in the Livingston News visited the Michigan forfeiture laws which has become a hot topic lately. The editorial goes on to say... "When law enforcement agencies raid a suspected drug dealer’s home and confiscate property such as cars, money or other items, we understand this. Police don’t want criminals to b

Michigan Gun Laws and CPL Requirements

Concealed Pistol License Requirements A. State Requirements Applicants for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License must: 1. Be at least 21 years of age 2. Be a citizen of the United States or an immigrant alien lawfully admitted into the United States 3. Be a resident of the State of Michigan f

Stop and Seize – A great article in the Washington Post

Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes.   Largely hidden from public view: the spread of an aggressive brand of policing that has spurred the seizure of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from motorists and others not charged with crimes. Thousands of people have been

Firsthand Accounts Allege Michigan Forfeiture System Is `Broken’

Annette SHATTUCK's mother was clipping coupons at their Port Huron home when local law enforcement came rushing in wearing masks and camouflage on July 28, 2014.   The officers from the St. Clair County Drug Task Force were there to execute a no-knock search warrant. And Shattuck alleges that through civil asset forfeit