Michigan Jury Instructions



Komorn Law is pleased to provide examples and full Michigan jury instructions adopted by the Committee on Model Civil Jury Instructions.   The Committee is composed of attorneys and judges whose duty is to ensure that the Model Civil Jury Instructions are concise, understandable, conversational, unslanted, and not argumentative. The Committee has authority to amend or repeal existing instructions and, when appropriate, adopt new instructions, although the instructions do not have the force and effect of a court rule.


Introductory Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Judge _______, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the ________ Court.

You have been called here today for possible selection as a juror in a civil case. The remarks which I am about to make are intended as an outline of the trial of this case so that you may be generally aware of what occurs during a trial and some of the legal principles that control the conduct of civil cases.

I know that jury duty may be a new experience for some of you. Jury duty is one of the most serious duties that members of a free society are asked to perform. Our system of self-government could not exist without it.

The jury is an important part of this court. The right to a jury trial is an ancient tradition and part of our heritage. The parties have a right to a jury that is selected fairly, that comes to the case without bias, and that will attempt to reach a verdict based on the evidence presented. Therefore, jurors must be as free as humanly possible from bias, prejudice, or sympathy for either side. Each side in a trial is entitled to jurors who keep open minds until the time comes to decide the case.

Here are some Michigan Jury Instructions.

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