Michigan Marihuana Grower License Class Levels

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Marihuana Grower License

In Michigan a Marihuana Grower is licensed to cultivate, dry, trim, or cure and package marihuana for sale to a processor or provisioning center.  A Grower cannot be a registered primary caregiver.

The 3 levels of a Growers’ license is based on the amount of marihuana product grown.

  • Class A – 500 plants
  • Class B – 1,000 plants
  • Class C – 1,500 plants

Marihuana Grower License Requirements

  • Applicant, and each investor in the grower, must not have an interest in a secure transporter or safety compliance facility.
  • Must employ an individual with a minimum of 2 years’ experience as a caregiver (This restriction ends after December 31, 2021)
  • The licensee must not be an active caregiver and must not employ an active caregiver.
  • Cultivation must occur in industrial or agricultural zoned areas, or in unzoned areas that meet local ordinance requirements.

How is your plant count determined as it affects your growing limits as a Class A, B, C Grower Licenses?

The MMFLA defines a plant as any living organism that produces its own food through photosynthesis and has observable root formation or is in growth material.

A licensee’s plant limit is based on the type of license issued. Any plant that meets this definition is counted toward the licensee’s plant count.

Can I hold a CPL license and a medical marihuana facility license?

There are no restrictions in the MMFLA that prevent a CPL holder from obtaining a medical marihuana facility license.