Michigan voters OK medical marijuana – Why are fewer patients signing up

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A recent radio show on NPR featured an interview with Michael Komorn a leading medical marijuana attorney in Southfield and the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association

In 2008, Michigan voters said yes to medical marijuana. There are reports that since 2011 it seems as if fewer patients have been signing up for medical marijuana cards. A 2013 Michigan Supreme Court ruling, patients remain protected as consumers even though sellers no longer have a clear-cut legal protection to sell.

According to Komorn, there are several reasons this decline has occurred most likely due to the way the medical marijuana law was amended. Patients now register once every two years, where in the past they registered once a year.

“So I think inherently the numbers are down because of that change in the law,” Komorn said.

Enforcement of the law “varies from community to community, county to county,” said Komorn. “Different law enforcement agencies or even prosecutors have taken a different approach to it. Some are very hands-on and are leading the charge in terms of prosecuting and creating new cases. Others have taken a more hands-off approach, so you have a great disparity throughout the state, which is a problem.”

Komorn said those differences in interpretation and enforcement mean confusion for patients and caregivers

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