LARA BMMR MMFLA All Forms, Technical and Advisory bulletins, letters, rules, regulations and FAQs.

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MMFLA Applications

Please note that these forms change and are updated regularly. Always get the latest forms directly from LARA at

Prior to any marihuana product being sold or transferred to or by a provisioning center, the container, bag, or product holding the marihuana product must have a label and be sealed with all the following information:

Medical Marihuana Licensing Board meeting schedule 2018 LARA  02-07-18
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Municipal Authorization LARA  10-26-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Caregiver Transition LARA  11-17-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Co-Location LARA  09-21-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Fees LARA  11-17-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Stacking Licenses LARA  09-28-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Testing LARA  10-05-17
BMMR Advisory Temporary Operation LARA  11-02-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Application Process LARA  10-12-17
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Capitalization LARA  11-07-17
BMMR Technical Bulletin Safety Compliance Facilities – Testing LARA  12-28-17
Advisory Bulletin Update and Sample Collection LARA  01-29-18
ADVISORY BULLETIN CPA Attestation LARA  02-02-18
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Approved Pesticides LARA  02-07-18
BMMR Advisory Bulletin Universal Symbol LARA  02-15-18
BMMR Statement of Money Lender New 2-18 LARA  02-02-18
MMFLA Paper Application LARA  Dec 2017
MMFLA Document Checklist LARA
MMFLA Application Instruction Book LARA  Dec 2017
Medical Marihuana Facility Licensing Act Legislature  01-10-18
Marijuana Tracking Act Legislature  01-10-18
MMFLA FAQs 09-29-2017 LARA  09-29-17
MMFLA FAQs index LARA  01-26-18
MMFLA FAQs 10-24-2017 LARA  10-24-17
Snyder Marihuana Advisory Panel Gov Rick Snyder  01-26-18
MMFLA Emergency Rules LARA  12-01-17
Revenue Administrative Bulletin 2018-2 MI Department of Treasury  01-18-18
Office of Credit Unions Letter 2017-CU-03 MI Department of Insurance and Financial Services Office of Credit Unions  12-19-17
Guidance for providing CPA services to the medical marihuana industry LARA and MI Board of Accountancy  05-19-17
Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Legislature  01-10-18
MMMA Aministrative rules LARA
Controlled Substances Benchbook Michigan Judicial Institute  2017
BMMR METRC API Confidentiality Agreement LARA
BMMR Facilities Licensing, Tracking & Regulatory Responsibilities LARA
BMMR Bureau of Construction Codes Medical Marihuana Regulation LARA
BMMR Accela Online Application Demo LARA


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