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Here are some links to articles posted by Attorney Michael Komorn


US Government Collecting and Using Citizen Communications

NATIONAL TOXICOLOGY PROGRAM Technical Report Series No. 446 (1996)

Oral cannabis extracts as a promising treatment for the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder

CBD-enriched medical cannabis for intractable pediatric epilepsy: The current Israeli experience

Why Marijuana Assets May Not Be Administered in Bankruptcy

Official Administrative Rules for Facilities Licensing Act

AG Candidate Patrick Miles Cannot Run From His Record

Michigan Medical Marijuana dispensary owner sentenced in federal court



If you or someone you know is facing charges as a result of Medical Marijuana recommended to you as a medical marijuana patient under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, contact Komorn Law and ensure your rights are protected.  Michael Komorn is recognized as a leading expert on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. He is the President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group which advocates for the rights of medical marijuana patients and their caregivers.



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