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DUI/DWI conviction costs an average of $15,680.00 in Michigan. We diligently investigate and defend all aspects of traffic stop violations, from use of PBTs to drawing blood, in order to most effectively find facts and defend rights.

Michigan OWI Defense Lawyers
Being arrested for drinking and driving is significantly more serious than a traffic ticket. If you are convicted you will face a slew of consequences that may include major fines, increased insurance rates, a suspended license, immobilization or forfeiture of your car, and worse, jail time.

We are experienced DUI criminal defense attorneys. We are prepared and committed to do what is necessary to protect your freedom with the goal of keeping you and your record unblemished from the devastation of drunk driving charges.

We Offer Free Consultations
To find out more about how our DUI defense team will stand up for your rights, e-mail us or call us at 800-656-3557.

We are available to provide DUI/DWI defense for people in the Detroit area, throughout Michigan, and in selected cases across the country.

Komorn Law is here to handle every aspect of your DUI or OWI case. In addition to defending you against the criminal charges, we will stand by your side in your driver’s license suspension hearing.

We Do What it Takes to Win DUI Defense Cases
After you choose us to defend you against OWI charges, you will have an experienced DUI attorney in your corner. This is imperative, because it means we have firsthand knowledge and experience of the prosecutors that are trying to put bring you down. We know how to utilize strategies to overcome their tactics. And most importantly, we know how to win.

Losing isn’t an option we’re willing to consider in your DUI defense case. We take these matters personally. We know that a loss for you is a loss for us. You can be assured that we will do everything within our power that will help us come out on the winning side.

You deserve an attorney who makes the protection of your rights and reputation, his mission. We are ready to go to work on your case immediately.

Contact us today and discover first-hand, how serious we are about defending you.

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