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The Michigan Legislature has spent three sessions attempting to pass dispensary legislation, and finally on September 14, 2016, succeeded; the Governor signed the bills on September 22, 2016. Komorn Law helps you position your business to take maximum advantage of new regulations and protections.

Komorn Law guides its clients through the often confusing process of establishing a medical marijuana business with a solid legal foundation. The bills which became law on September 22 are House Bill 4209 (the medical marihuana facilities licensing act), House Bill 4210 (amendments to the medical marihuana act), and House Bill 4287 (the marihuana tracking act).

Our knowledge and experience help provide a clear path to compliance with state filing requirements, internal and external agreements, documents, and contracts, and representation in civic forums such as city commissions and planning or zoning authorities.

Both for-profit and non-profit corporations and partnerships can benefit from the services provided by Komorn Law, and by a network of trusted professionals for tax, accounting, construction, and real-estate services.

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