Michigan Judge Theresa Brennan faces misconduct allegations

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Livingston County District Judge Theresa Brennan faces misconduct allegations that include perjury, failing to disclose personal ties to parties involved in her cases, requiring her staff to do personal tasks for her and mistreating people who came before her in her courtroom.  As the evidentiary hearing began Monday, the commission said it plans to add destroying evidence and obstruction of justice to the list of accusations


A retired judge appointed by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission is hearing the evidence in Livonia. Depending on his findings, the commission could eventually ask the state Supreme Court to discipline Brennan.


In the most recent 87-page complaint, the Judicial Tenure Commission said Brennan, among other issues:

  • Failed to disqualify herself or fully disclose her close personal relationship with a Michigan State Police detective involved in a murder case she presided over in 2013. She also failed to disclose conflicts and disqualify herself in other cases, the Judicial Tenure Commission said;
  • Failed to disqualify herself from hearing her own divorce case until six days after she knew the complaint had been filed;
  • Used improper demeanor in court;
  • Directed court staff to do personal tasks for her on court time;
  • Required staff to work on her re-election campaign during work hours;
  • Made misrepresentations during court hearings and in her contact with the tenure commission;
  • Committed perjury.


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