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Charges dismissed after marijuana evidence destroyed

A Michigan State Police lieutenant’s decision to destroy more than 500 marijuana plants without a judge’s order has led to dismissal of felony charges against two defendants. Inspector James Wolf, the former lieutenant/commander of the Western Wayne narcotics unit, testified at a hearing Thursday that he destroyed the plants because they…


Federal class action lawsuit filed against MSP crime labs over marijuana reporting policy

DETROIT — Attorneys filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Michigan State Police crime labs this week, claiming its current marijuana reporting policy violates due process and Fourth Amendment rights and demanding it be thrown out for good.   This suit would have statewide impact, directly affecting the some 180,000 registered…


Judge dismisses felony charges against Michigan man in medical pot case

A Michigan man has been living a nightmare. He lost custody of his son after a felony marijuana bust, even though he has a valid medical marijuana card.   Max Lorincz is fighting to clear his name after he was accused of possessing synthetic marijuana. His bizarre case has revealed how politics might influence pot prosecutions


Medical Marijuana patients reunited with son after lengthy court battle, unfounded charges

April 7, 2016

SPRING LAKE, Mich. — After 18 months, a Spring Lake family’s son is out of foster care and reunited with his parents.  Yet the fight to be together, through court battles and serious drug charges despite being card-carrying medical marijuana patients, still haunts them….


Felony synthetic THC charge tossed in Michigan man’s battle with crime lab

January 26, 2016

GRAND HAVEN, MI — A judge has sided with a Spring Lake man in his battle to get a felony marijuana charge dismissed, a case that hinged on controversial state police testing methods.


Judge dismissed felony charge against medical marijuana patient Max Lorincz

January 25, 2016

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. – After 16 months of a criminal and family court battle, an Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge dismissed wrongful felony charges against a Spring Lake father and card-carrying medical marijuana patient for having “synthetic THC.” Friday Max Lorincz was in court for multiple hearings regarding his criminal case


Southfield attorneys accuse MSP Crime Lab of negligence and incompetence

January 22, 2016

Two local attorneys have filed a formal complaint against the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, suggesting the agency should be made into an independent entity, but state officials have refuted the accusations of negligence and incompetence.   Southfield-based attorneys Neil Rockind and Michael


When Science Becomes a Puppet For Police

January 11, 2016

by Rick Thompson / January 8, 2016 The watchers watch themselves Misreporting test results, collusion with prosecutors to turn misdemeanors into felonies.   LANSING – Formal complaints have been filed in federal court against the Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory by criminal


Crime Lab and Forensic Scandals

January 11, 2016

Just some of the known…   20150305 – Prosecutors criticize D.C. crime lab’s handling of some DNA evidence Prosecutors criticize D.C. crime la


Study Finds That State Crime Labs Are Paid Per Conviction

January 10, 2016

What?!?!….Really?!?!   Article by Radley Balko  in the Huffington Post Radley.Balko@huffingtonpost.com


Private Crime Labs Could Prevent Errors, Analyst Bias

January 10, 2016

The Detroit Free Press made an astonishing discovery last month. The city’s former crime lab had been abandoned. As the paper reported, “Thousands of rounds of live ammunition, sealed evidence


Forensic scientists blast State Police crime lab THC policy as man fights to get son back

January 20, 2016

Maxwell Lorincz lives in Spring Lake near Lake Michigan with his wife and their six-year-old son. At least, they did live with their son, until a year and a half ago.   They lost custody of him after Lorincz was charged with a felony for possessing synthetic THC. He’s a card-carrying medical marijuana patient. But that hasn’t helped


Medical marijuana lawyers want state crime lab moved out of Michigan State Police

December 29, 2015

“The attorneys claim the policy change is leading to unfair felony charges for patients who would otherwise face misdemeanors.”   Posted on MichiganRadio.org


Defense attorneys seek fed inquiry of MSP crime labs

December 26, 2015

Southfield — Three defense attorneys are asking the federal government to investigate the Michigan State Police crime laboratories, alleging misconduct in their testing for pending drug cases.   Southfield defense attorneys Neil Rockind and Michael Komorn, along with Michael Nichols of East Lansing,


Federal complaints allege marijuana misreporting by State Police crime lab

December 24, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — At least three attorneys filed federal complaints Tuesday against the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division for allegations of serious negligence or misconduct, and to contest grant money the crime labs received this year.   However, officials with both the MSP and the Michigan Attorney General’s Office


MI Cops Change Policy So They Can Falsely Imprison Legal Pot Smokers

December 22, 2015

In 2008, an overwhelming majority of Michigan voters approved legislation to legalize marijuana for medical use in the state. With nearly 50,000 Michigan residents arrested and incarcerated each year for controlled substance violations, the state’s prison industrial


Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy

December 15, 2015

Medical marijuana for the treatment of epilepsy has been a controversial and intriguing topic for the last few years. Drawing upon both clinical experience and research findings, the panelists discuss the potential medical benefits and risks of using medical marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy.   The panelists also review the lega


Michigan Prosecutors Pressured Lab on Medical Marijuana Results

December 10, 2015

THE MICHIGAN STATE POLICE Forensic Science Division finds itself embroiled in scandal as newly released emails paint a picture of a crime lab in turmoil over how to classify marijuana. Attorneys and medical marijuana advocates accuse Michigan prosecutors of pressuring the state’s crime lab to falsely classify the origins of THC


MSP defends marijuana crime lab reporting after FOX 17 investigation

November 18, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Big questions are still looming over the controversial Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division marijuana reporting policy change: it’s accused of ambiguous crime lab reporting leading to misdemeanor pot charges trumped for synthetic-THC felonies.


Attorney Alleges Authorities `Bend The Science’ To Elevate Marijuana Cases

November 8, 2015

MIRS-Michigan Independent Source Of News and Information Friday Nov 6, 2015 Maxwell LORINCZ, of Spring Lake, says a fingerprint of oil on an empty plastic container led to his arrest on a drug charge on Sept. 24, 2014. Now, a year later, the case that might have started with a fingerprint has spurred a defense attorney to quest


Drug felonies without credible proof? — Allegations of politicking in state police crime labs

November 7, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – First on FOX 17, we broke serious allegations that state police crime labs are being told to falsely report marijuana test results. This is resulting in misleading lab reports that an attorney claims creates felonies without real proof.   Attorney Michael Komorn believes a recent policy change in the way Michigan


Attorney: Crime labs ‘falsified’ marijuana reports

November 6, 2015

A Southfield lawyer alleges the Michigan State Police crime labs have “falsified lab reports on marijuana statewide” and he’s asking a judge to dismisses charges lodged against a client.   Michael Komorn, who also represents defendants in Livingston County, said his office’s discovery stems from Ottawa County resident


Hearing in alleged false crime lab marijuana reporting dropped this week

November 4, 2015

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. – The evidentiary hearing originally set for Nov. 5 has been dropped in the case involving a medical marijuana patient charged with a disputed felony for synthetic THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.   The Ottawa County Assistant Prosecutor filed motions to quash, or suppress, the defense’s subpoenas,


Emails spell out alleged scandal in state crime lab testing, falsely reporting marijuana

November 1, 2015

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. – First uncovered by FOX 17 an alleged scandal in how state crime labs are testing and reporting


“A non-stop political game:” Former MSP Forensic Science director on false marijuana reporting …

November 1, 2015

DEWITT, Mich. – A former director of Michigan State Police Forensic Science addressed the serious allegations FOX 17 uncovered, which accuse the Attorney General’s


Michigan’s medical marijuana law circumvented by crime labs’ THC reports, attorney charges

October 31, 2015

Posted on MLive 10/30/15 OTTAWA COUNTY, MI – An attorney claims prosecutors pressured state police crime labs to change the way THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is reported in an effort to circumvent Michigan’s medical marijuana law.   Michael Komorn alleges scientists were told to report an unknown


Medical-Marijuana Patient Alleges Prosecutors Swayed Crime Lab Drug Tests

October 31, 2015

Fri, 10/30/2015 – 4:11pm A Michigan medical-marijuana patient claims in court papers that state police crime labs are bending to pressure from prosecutors in analyzing marijuana samples, leading to harsher punishments.   Maxwell Lorincz, 35, was originally charged with a possessions misdemeanor for a small amount of marijuana oil af


Allegations: MSP falsely reporting marijuana, targeting card-carrying patients

October 30, 2015

SPRING LAKE, Mich. – The defense representing a Spring Lake father facing a felony marijuana charge is accusing Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division crime labs of misreporting marijuana intentionally. It’s an allegation with statewide implications.   FOX 17


When Being Hated…Is Revered

September 21, 2015

By Attorney Michael Komorn   ” Lieutenant, this lawyer is a pain in the ass, I can’t stand him, I really hate him”   This was my client’s observation of the prosecutor after exiting the conference room she and I had been in for over an hour discussing and negotiating a possible resolution of his 2 count felony, 1 misdemeanor


Komorn Letter: Medical pot offers hope for autistic children

September 15, 2015

Medical pot offers hope for autistic children Detroit News Opinion Page 12:09 a.m. EDT August 25, 2015 A letter by Michael Komorn was featured in the Detroit News regarding medical marijuana and children with autism.


Medical marijuana use for Autism rejected

August 30, 2015

Attorney Michael Komorn “Allowing medical marijuana for those with autism was supposed to be the clinical trial,” Komorn said. “Instead, we’re going to have criminal trials.”


Lawyer slams decision to deny cannabis to autistic kids

August 30, 2015

“Allowing medical marijuana for those with autism was supposed to be the clinical trial,” Komorn said. “Instead, we’re going to have criminal trials.”   Lawyer slams decision to deny cannabis to autistic kids The Detroit News Article Augus


Michigan Panel Recommends Allowing Marijuana For Children With Autism

August 16, 2015

Michael Komorn, a Michigan attorney who specializes in medical marijuana laws and is also the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association


8/28/15 – Medical marijuana use for Autism rejected-More local and national news

Michigan will not permit using medical marijuana to regulate the consequences of extreme autism, an official stated Thursday, rejecting the advice of an advisory panel. Michael Komorn, a lawyer who filed the petition on behalf of a mother in southeast Michigan, called the decision disappointing and misguided. He said he’s considering seeking judicial review of the decision in Ingham County Circuit Court, where a judge’s prior ruling led to the review panel decision.


8/28/15 – Lawyer slams decision to deny cannabis to autistic kids

Lansing – Michigan’s regulatory director on Thursday rejected the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of children with severe autism. Michigan was poised to possibly become the first state to allow medical cannabis consumption for children with severe autism when the state’s Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted 4-2 earlier this month to recommend autism as a condition that qualifies for the drug. Michael Komorn – Huffington Post articles

Michigan Attorney Michael Komorn – Huffington Post Articles – Updated at site.


Prosecutors drop marijuana charges against Michigan mom

Aug 5, 2015 – After a year long battle,  Michigan Attorney Michael Komorn and his staff have chalked up another positive conclusion for a client caught up in the medical marijuana and forfeiture debacle. Prosecutors have dropped marijuana charges and will return items seized from a woman in the wake of a Michigan Supreme Court ruling last week. “I’m elated that this part is over,” said Ginnifer Hency. “…It’s been a long year.”


Michigan Panel Recommends Allowing Marijuana For Children With Autism

August 1, 2015 – Komorn filed a petition on behalf of a mother whose child has Autism creating a panel vote on whether to add it to the list for use by Medial Marijuana patients.  This spawned many articles through out the media.


Detroit Free Press: Detroit Police make arrests at marijuana dispensary.

July 16, 2015 -Detroit police arrested two people and confiscated two firearms and drugs during a raid on a marijuana dispensary Tuesday afternoon. Police seized 4,100 grams of marijuana (about 9 pounds), and removed 12 edible marijuana foods from the shelves at Detroit Medz, said Sgt. Cassandra Lewis of Detroit police Media Relations.

A local ordinance, spelling out what Detroit authorities expect of the city’s dispensaries, would protect legitimate operators and weed out any that are undesirable, added Southfield attorney Michael Komorn, president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association.

But without such regulation in place, Tuesday’s raid was ill-advised because Detroit police should focus on violent crime – not dispensaries, Komorn said.


How a sex toy put national spotlight on Michigan civil asset forfeiture laws targeted for reform

June 4, 2015 – It’s been featured on many news outlets large and small. Some of the main ones include FoxMLiveForbesWashington Post, MMMA, and so many more. Ginnifer Hency says that a police raid led investigators to seize a couple of guns, a small amount of cash and cell phones , medical marijuana. And also something very personal…

“My medicine for my patients, why a ladder, why my vibrator, I don’t know either,” Hency said during a Michigan House Committee meeting.  Ginnifer Hency’s vibrator was not an accessory to an alleged crime that a judge says did not occur. And that last part is creating quite a story that has now gone viral and raising questions about Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture laws.


Father fighting to use medical marijuana concentrates

April 23, 2015 –  In Western Michigan yet another Michigan Medical Marijuna patient is fighting for his freedom in a system of confusing laws.  He is also fighting for the right to see his child all while the State of Michigan possibly destroys his family and financial future.  Max Lorincz -unlike most who plead to the sometimes bullying tactics of the court system – is standing up for his right use the medicine recommended by a doctor.

Since seeing FOX 17’s coverage of Lorincz’s case back in February, Defense Attorney and President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association Michael Komorn took on Lorincz’s case pro bono. For the last six years, Komorn said he’s dedicated his practice exclusively to medical marijuana patient and caregiver representation.

Michigan Sees Another Dip in Medical Marijuana Patients (not really)

Many media outlets are erroneously reporting on the decline in the number of registered mmj patients; Michael Komorn explains the accounting error based on 2-year card expiration, passed by the Michigan legislature in 2012.


Medical Marijuana Numbers Decline

Decline in the number of registered mmj patients in Livingston County blamed on Police intimidation tactics.


Special Report: Legal Concerns Still Surround Medical Marijuana

6 years after the MMMA was passed, legal concerns, especially about dispensaries, remain.


Medicine or drug, marijuana is political and big business

A raid on our client’s business and family home has reopened the big questions that surround marijuana legislation across the United States.


Asset forefiture: Useful tool or profit center?

Did the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team raid our client’s dispensary and his parents’ home to cut into crime, or to make a hefty profit for their department?


Medical marijuana has Keego man in limbo

Updates on a medical marijuana dispensary case in Oakland County.


Charges dismissed in Oakland County Medical Marijuana Dispensary Case

Charges were dismissed after Komorn Law netted another major victory in a medical marijuana dispensary case.


5 Cops Busted Lying on the Stand: Just Another Day on the Front Lines

Recently in Chicago, a young man was charged and tried for felony possession with intent to deliver marijuana. During a suppression hearing, it became evident that the five officers had conducted an illegal search of the defendant’s vehicle. All five officers systematically lied on the witness stand, claiming the defendant consented to the search.


Who Is the Real Enemy In the War On Drugs?

Michael Komorn discusses the failed decades old war on drugs and how when a country wages a war against its own citizens, we all lose.


Attorney General Schuette and States’ Rights: Is He Shooting from the Hyp?

Michael Komorn discusses the recent Supreme Court Ruling against the ban of Same Sex Marriage and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s hypocritical stance on States’ Rights.


Cities Can’t Bypass Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act

Michael Komorn is interviewed by Mark Hicks and Tony Brisco of the Detroit Free Press about how communities can’t pass ordinances to preempt Michigan’s 5-year-old medical marijuana law, according to a Michigan Supreme Court ruling Thursday a far-reaching move that “ends a long, tortuous battle in the courts.”


Senate Bill 736 Singles Out Parents Who Are Medical Marijuana Patients

Komorn Law weighs in on the ramifications that SB 736 would have on the medical marijuana community if passed.


Holder’s speech already affecting federal cases

Michael Komorn shares details about a federal marijuana case which has been affected by Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech to the ACLU.


Advocate says ‘bureaucratic nonsense’ holding up Michigan’s marijuana law

A state panel will meet this week to consider whether new health conditions should be covered under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act, but there’s a question over whether the board’s make-up violates that law.


Usable Material and Medibles-Court of Appeals Chomps Down on Patients

The Court of Appeals Ruled that if patients use edible marijuana products, such as brownies or suckers, whose total weight exceeds 2.5 ounces, they will not qualify for a section 4 defense. Click the link above to read more.


Students say Charles Pugh wanted to help kids

Michael weighs in on conflicting reports of Ex-Detroit City Council President, Charles Pugh’s, relationship with young men in his mentorship program.


Three Rivers Raid Victim Files Suit

Muntian filed a federal lawsuit in May in the U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, against the police who raided his St. Joseph County. The lawsuit alleges unlawful arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, excessive force and illegal search and seizure.


Allegan Township regulates marijuana

Komorn, a Southfield-based attorney who specializes in medical marijuana, said he had not heard of similar clauses in other local ordinances, adding he was concerned the requirement would increase the risk of patients and caregivers being unfairly arrested.


Bad Axe pot trial suspect sentenced to jail time

Despite the fact Ellis was a registered medical marijuana caregiver, police and prosecutors say Ellis, under the Medical Marijuana Act, had too many marijuana plants in his possession.


Law enforcement has remained consistent despite growth of medical marijuana dispensaries

Washtenaw County Prosecutor, Steve Hiller, said there always is an initial period of time when a new law gets more clearly defined in the courts and through legislation and the Medical Marihuana Act is no different. In the meantime, they will continue to enforce the law as it currently stands.



The Allegan Township board passed an ordinance regulating the growth and distribution

of marijuana as a home occupation in 4-0 vote Tuesday, July 5, 2011.


Detroit Free Press_MedicalMarijuanaSupportersPushtoLegalize_010812

Narrowing access to medical marijuana is leading Michigan’s registered patients, supporters and lawyers to a new strategy: a campaign to gain limited legalization of marijuana in Michigan for all uses.


Detroit News_ImproveLawEnforcementforMedicalPot_KomornOpEd_102511

Michael argues that the Police need to be educated about the MMMA.


Michigan Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Users Protected Under Law

“Up to this point the Court of Appeals decisions have eliminated and eradicated the right of the people to present a defense to a jury,” Komorn said. “This ruling will allow us to present a case and go to trial. It’s a game changer. Police will continue to arrest first and ask questions later but prosecutors are going to have to rethink with what kind of cases they want to pursue.”


Huron Daily Tribune_TrialDateNearsInBadAxeMarijuanaCase_102811 KalamazooGazette-

Courts deny defense to use the term, “Medical Marijuana” in front of Juries.



Education and retraining needed for better understanding of the MMMA.



Supreme Court: “Medical Marijuana dispensaries are not allowed.”



Man not spared DUI conviction under MMMA



Government’s Memo on Marijuana confusing to local residents


The Oakland Press People Chose Medical Marijuana KomornOpEd_102311

Komorn responds to The Oakland Press’s editorial which slandered and stereotyped Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers.



Planet Green Trees named “One of two most influential Medical Marijuana radio shows.”


Skater pleads to lesser charges

A former Olympic skater pleaded no contest Monday to two misdemeanors after prosecutors dropped a felony charge against him, in a case his lawyer said could lead to his redemption. Christopher Bowman pleaded no contest in Rochester Hills district cou…


West Bloomfield to regulate sale of medical marijuana

Regulation, not prohibition. That is the position West Bloomfield Township will be taking regarding the sale and distribution of medical marijuana. At a meeting on Monday, May 17 the Board of Trustees voted to establish a 120-day moratorium so possib…


Consumers consider financial gains in selling medical marijuana

Consumers around the state are increasingly interested in how they can take financial advantage of the growing medical marijuana industry that was made legal by statewide voters in November 2008. However, while growers and distributors can earn a pro…


Protesters demand Oakland sheriff ‘stop arresting patients’ who use marijuana

Michigan s medical marijuana law had its first dramatic day in an Oakland County court as a dozen people arrested in a medical marijuana raid on Aug. 25 came before a judge for preliminary exams. The raids conducted at various growing operations and …


Trio denied use of medicinal marijuana while out on bond

A request by three people arrested during an August medical marijuana drug raid to be allowed to smoke medical marijuana while on bond was denied in Waterford s 51st District Court Wednesday. William Joseph Teichman, Candace Jean Teichman, and Br…


Cooper made assumptions on law

In response to Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper s guest opinion about the medical marijuana law, I want to address and clarify some of Cooper s assumptions to ensure the medical marijuana community s voice is heard. I find it interesting to s…


Medical marijuana dispensary ‘not a crack house’

Two attorneys who are defending people arrested in the Aug. 25 drug raids say they believe their clients will be acquitted and that Oakland County is wasting taxpayer money trying the cases. Jeffrey Perlman and Michael Komorn, both of Southfield, hav…


UPDATED Medical marijuana case against Clarkston man dismissed in Genesee County

The defense attorney involved in a dismissed medical marijuana case in Genesee County said the drug enforcement task force raiding medical marijuana patients are being overly aggressive. The way police are doing investigations needs to change, said…


Drug task force ‘overly aggressive’ on marijuana

The defense attorney involved in a dismissed medical marijuana case in Genesee County said the drug enforcement task force raiding medical marijuana patients are being overly aggressive. The way police are doing investigations needs to change, said…


Waterford approves new rules for land use of marijuana

Enforcement of Waterford Township s new land-use rules regarding medical marijuana will now be under the code enforcement department. The new regulations were approved at a board meeting on March 28. Click the link below to read the full document. Op…


Panel disputes state’s medical marijuana law (part 1) WITH VIDEO

A panel of six and a lively audience debated the apparent confusion surrounding Michigan’s medical marijuana law Monday in a special town hall meeting at CMNtv in Troy sponsored by The Oakland Press in the wake of recent federal raids in Novi and Wal…


Panel disputes state’s medical marijuana law WITH VIDEO

The panelists reconvene to discuss the apparent confusion surrounding the Medical Marijuana Act.


Government’s memo on marijuana confusing to local residents

New federal policy statements on marijuana one from the U.S. Justice Department and another from the Drug Enforcement Administration are generating comments among Michigan supporters and detractors of medical marijuana. What the June 29 policy me…


Prosecutor, advocates react to appeals court ruling barring sale of medical marijuana

Oakland County law enforcement officials and medical marijuana advocates are taking sides regarding a Court of Appeals decision that states medical marijuana cannot be sold through private shops or dispensaries estimated to currently number in the…


Medical marijuana advocates rally at state Capitol

Rick Thompson of Oak Park stood at the top of the steps of Michigan s State Capitol Wednesday and surveyed the sea of medical marijuana advocates shouting below him. This is the truest expression of democracy there ever could be, said Thompson, edit…


Volume of applications delays issuing of medical marijuana cards to patients WITH VIDEO

Michigan receives an average of 400 to 600 applications every day from people who want to become registered medical marijuana patients. On one particularly busy day, just shy of 2,000 people applied. The large number of requests, coupled with the hun…


Flint Journal News Marijuana Laws Hinder Access to Medicine

Medical marijuana advocates are fuming about efforts by some in Lansing to limit patient access to marijuana.


Medical marijuana or employment – a tough decision for some

Of the more than 100,000 registered medical marijuana-using patients in Michigan, those who aren t covered by shrinking state and federal social safety nets or who aren t independently wealthy have a tough choice: Medical marijuana or employment, but…


Couple who ran Waterford medical marijuana business gets probation

A husband and wife who ran a business that served medical marijuana patients and caregivers said they fully believed they were acting within the law. William and Candace Teichman were each sentenced Tuesday to one year of probation after pleading gui…


Medical Marijuana Town Hall heats up WITH VIDEO

The Oakland Press along with CMNtv in Troy hosted the town hall Medical Marijuana Revisited moderated by popular radio talk show host and Fox 2’s Let it Rip co-anchor Charlie Langton. clangton@langtonlaw.com; chris@cmntv.org . Panelists discussed …


Public invited to discuss proposed changes to medical marijuana bill

The Birmingham Compassion Club will host a discussion on Tuesday, July 24, at the Baldwin Public Library with Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, who has introduced House Bill 5580 in the Michigan House of Representatives. The bill is a medical-marijuana…


Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard Sued

PONTIAC Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, the county itself and an Oakland County Sheriff s Office helicopter pilot are named in a lawsuit filed Friday in Oakland County Circuit Court that claims a sheriff s department helicopter injured a m…


Changes to medical-marijuana law kick in Monday

LANSING, Mich. (AP) Some of the first significant changes to Michigan’s medical-marijuana law kick in Monday, including extending the one-year registry cards to two years and setting rules for the doctor-patient relationship for medical-marijuana u…


Marijuana law subject to change

A handful of recently proposed amendments could change some of the law’s language and reach. One bill could allow police to access cardholder registry records, which medical marijuana advocates argue would target both patients and caregivers.


Medical Marijuana-New Michigan laws bring a little clarity

New laws took effect Monday that further define medical marijuana in Michigan for patients, caregivers and doctors. Medical marijuana advocates say the new laws, to some degree, help clarify Michigan’s 2008 voter-approved amendment allowing the medic…



We have blogs for many different interests at TheOaklandPress.com/blogs . If you have an interest in blogging for The Oakland Press, contact community engagement editor Monica Drake at monica.drake@oakpress.com . Below are recent entries in some of..


Raid Reopens Medical Marijuana Debate

Aug 27, 2010 WWJ spoke Thursday with Southfield Attorney Michael Komorn, who is on the board of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association,


Rally In Lansing To Address Arrests Under Medical Marijuana Law

May 25, 2011 Attorney Michael Komorn, who represents several people arrested under the law, says the rally is to protest what he calls the unfair treatment of…


Panel Supreme Court Enters Dispute Over Medical Pot Shops

Mar 28, 2012 Attorney Michael Komorn, president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association wants the Michigan Supreme Court to understand the

The Buying and Selling of Legal Marijuana

Last week, Michigan authorities raided three Oakland County marijuana dispensaries, confiscated files and plants and arrested 15 people, charging them with dealing marijuana, among other offenses…


Lawmakers Make First Changes To Michigan Marijuana Law

Dec 15, 2012 Michael Komorn, an attorney who specializes in medical-marijuana law, said some “That is a terrible one,” Komorn said of the provision.


Weed, The Law, and You

“[Oakland County] is on a crusade against medical marijuana,” says Komorn. “The law enforcement community is viewing this from a pre-Michigan Medical Marijuana Act point of view.” Komorn represents several clients in medical marijuana cases, most of whom were arrested in Oakland County.


Medical marijuana law, in practice, is still hazy

Michael Komorn discusses a 2010 raid in which Jim” Brace’s Hazel Park home was broken into by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team. Brace, a 66 year old retiree and medical marijuana patient did not yet have his card but was in possession of all the paperwork necessary to establish that he was a patient.


What are they smoking

Matthew Abel and Michael Komorn discuss a package of bills proposed by the senate judiciary committee, which suggested rescheduling Marijuana and making it available only through pharmacies.


Medical marijuana dispensary ‘not a crack house’

“This (dispensary) was not a crack house. The people were checking cards and directing people where to go. This is about taking care of patients.”


Michigan’s murky marijuana law sows arrests, confusion

In several instances, police have arrested patients, confiscated their marijuana, conducted searches that turned out to be improper and seized trailer-loads of cultivation gear because of gray areas in the state law that allows medical marijuana, Southfield attorney Michael Komorn said.



Michael Komorn is recognized as a leading expert on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. He is the President of theMichigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group with over 26,000 members, which advocates for medical marijuana patients, and caregiver rights. Michael is also the host of Planet Green Trees Radio, a marijuana reform based show, which is broadcast every Thursday night 8-10 pm EST. Follow Komorn on Twitter.