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Marijuana Possession Arrests FBI Stats 1989-2014


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Medical Marijuana Mess (Redden Case)

43rd District Court Judge Robert Turner says it is one of the worst pieces of legislation he has ever seen.  He made that assessment of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) back in June 2009 when dismissing pot growing charges brought by the Oakland County Prosecutor against Robert Lee Redden and Torey Alison Clark. Last week, the Read more

Court rips Michigan judge for sending man to prison for not paying

PONTIAC, Mich. - The Michigan appeals court is criticizing anRead more

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Information and Financial Data 2016

Medical Marihuana Act

Statistical Report with Program Information and Financial Data For Fiscal Year 2016

(Pursuant to MCL 333.26426 (i) (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) and Section 507 of Public Act 268 of 2016) December 22, 2016 (l) The amount collected from the medical marihuana program application and renewal fees aut

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Oakland County medical marijuana case comes at key moment

His lawyers say he's the innocent victim of illegal search and seizure aimed at medical-marijuana users. Police and prosecutors beg to differ

  Donny Barnes said he just wants to be a regular guy.   He just wants to run his small businesses scattered around Oakland County. Just wants to hang out with his family at their

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Colorado’s Governor, Who Opposed Pot Legalization in 2012, Is Ready to Defend It

John Hickenlooper, who is "getting close" to concluding that legalization is better than prohibition, says he has a duty to resist federal interference.   Two years ago today, during his appearance at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Co

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A Colorado county is sending students to college on the $445,000 it made from legal weed

Higher education takes on new meaning in Pueblo County, Colorado. In February, local officials announced that a first-of-its-kind scholarship program will create $475,000 in funding to help send the county's graduating high school seniors to local colleges.   A majority of the fund - about $425,000 - came from taxing legal marijuana.

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