Know Your Legal Rights-Three Levels of police-citizen encounters


Three Levels of police/citizen encounters

Whether you are a US citizen or not


Am I required to speak to an officer if he/she approaches me and strikes up casual conversation? 

If I do speak to an officer during this casual conversation, what is my liability?


1. Consensual – Casual Conversation 


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What is the difference between an arrest and a detention?

Is probable cause required, or the same standard to arrest me, if the Police want to detain me?


2. Investigative Detention / Temporary detainment for further info.
Reasonable Articulable Suspicion is the Evidence level required





Under what circumstances can the Police frisk me, or legally search me?  What is probable cause to arrest, what does it exactly mean?


3. Legal search: frisk, plain sight, or consensual



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Be aware of Police Questions:


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