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Great lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Mark 

I'm a medical marijuana patient. Police raided my house and painted me to be a felonious criminal, seized property from me, and ruined my life. I hired Michael cause I heard him on his radio show. This dude is the real deal. He got me out of quite the mess.

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Best MMMP attorney in Michigan!

5.0 stars

Posted by Arun 

Michael fought vigorously in my defense. He left no stone unturned. He knew the MMMP laws and cases like the back of his hand and educated the judge on the proper application of the standards. He was ready for combat and prepared for victory. He guided me through a two year legal battle for my freedom and we won! Good guy, big heart, champion of the people!

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Komorn Law wins

5.0 stars

Posted by Al Harrington
August 3, 2018

The Viola Brand family cannot be more grateful to Michael, Sean and the Komorn team. They went above and beyond expectations and turned a negative situation positive. Michael created a strategy that ultimately lead to the best possible outcome in our case; complete dismissal of all charges, as well as the return of hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and assets.

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Case Dismissed

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
June 27, 2018

I was charged with manufacture and intent with distribute. He was very professional and has a great team, they did a great job for me. Michael was very informative and reassuring throughout the whole process. When prosecutors see him coming they run the other way.

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Outstanding performance

5.0 stars Posted by Andrew May 29, 2018 Attorney Komorn managed to secure my driving privileges for me after an alleged DUI. I was resigned to a minimum 90 day ban, I walked away without a single days suspension, his knowledge and experience were the deciding factor on the day, cannot recommend highly enough.

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5.0 stars Posted by Adam May 17, 2018 My Komorn law experience was nothing short of amazing. I was charged with 3 counts of delivery/manufacturing marijuana. All Charges Dismissed! Michael and his team were always ten steps ahead of the prosecution at any given time. Hiring him as my lawyer was the best decision i ever made. Because of Komorn Law i now have my life back.

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Saved by corruption!

5.0 stars Posted by Tara April 30, 2018 First off I would like to thank Michael and his entire team!!! From the first consultation with Chad and explaining to him my situation and what was happening they were very quick to realize that this is just unjust and unfair and didn't hesitate to want to help me, he knew Michael would not stand for what was happening! Michael is a very busy man defending people and their rights...

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Great attorney

5.0 stars Posted by Nate February 9, 2018 Very professional lawyers office...great team...did a great job for me.. I woukd defintaly use again.

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The Best Attorney in Michigan

5.0 stars Posted by Nicole January 18, 2018 I contacted Michael Komorn to represent me in a case where I was falsely accused of committing a crime. Michael spent as much time that was needed, in person and over the phone, to thoroughly understand my case. After he was hired, he was very punctual and courteous and his team did an amazing job of providing me with updates and interviewing my witnesses. Ultimately, the case...

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The king of clout

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous January 6, 2018 Michael represented me in a marijuana raid case. He proved my innocence and the case was dismissed without prejudice before advancing into a jury trial. This man is really something special. Knows the ins and outs of the laws better then the people at the court house themselves. A1 a1 a1.

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By far the best and most aggressive

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous August 16, 2017 Micheal is an amazing attorney i hired him for mmmp case in det every bit of the case was lies and deceit from the dpd. I was wrongfully arrestest and the dpd would not accept the mmmp cards they were not doing there jobs correctly . Micheal was also on the phone on speaker asking to speak to someone and none of the officers would get on the phone with him.... Just a perfect example...

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Ottawa County, Michigan

5.0 stars Posted by Daniel July 19, 2017 It took months of vetting lawyers' to land at Komorn Law. Other lawyers' recommended the "Komorn team" for my situation. My case was medical marijuana, in Ottawa County. Beautiful community and a beast of a legal district...

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A true Lawyer

5.0 stars Posted by Denise July 18, 2017 Michael is a Solomon! Full of wisdom and knowledge. He goes above and beyond Full of passion. When he is in court he gets respect from all, even the Judges. One of the judges in our case told Michael he had not seen a lawyer of his kind in years! Full of integrity. I can not begin to say enough to touch his excellence. Thank you so much for all you have done in bringing us out on top. Gods blessings in your life 100 fold! You are the best!

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A real fighter

5.0 stars Posted by Melvin July 12, 2017 Michael Komorn and his team are one of the best law firms in Michigan hands down. Not only does he know the laws but he will fight for you like no other. They are thorough to the point and will do what you ask without dropping the ball. A dependable law team.

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Best In Michigan.

5.0 stars Posted by Sonak June 20, 2017 Michael K a defensive attorney? Yeah Right! More Like OFFENSIVE ATTORNEY! Michael did an absolute tremendous job stickin-it to the lead Detective in my case and found all sorts of lies ending in my case being dismissed! Ive experience a few lawyers in my life and Im truly convinced that Michael is in a league of his own. His swagger in the courtroom is something to witness for...

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Michael Komorn

5.0 stars Posted by Gabriel June 1, 2017 Michael Komorn was an excellent attorney. He did everything he could do for my case and he is extremely knowledgeable about the law. He genuinely cared about me and my case and got all my charges dropped. I really don't think any other lawyer could do what Michael has accomplished he is so knowledgeable about the law and very professional. I would recommend Michael Komorn for...

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5.0 stars Posted by Aaron May 23, 2017 Michael Komorn is an amazing lawyer. He helped my get my federal case completely dismissed. Highly recommend him. Thanks again.

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Court Case

5.0 stars Posted by Roman May 19, 2017 I wish to thank Michael along with his entire team and staff in helping bring my court case to rapid resolution. i.e. a well earned dismissal. The entire office handled my case professionally and worked quickly to reach a just conclusion of an order to dismiss...

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Man of the court room!

5.0 stars Posted by Justin May 18, 2017 I couldn't have asked for anymore from a single person, Mr. Komorn provided a team of professionals that all went over and beyond. From Michael, Dewey , Chad and more have helped me thru a long jorney to the greatest possible solution I thank you all from the heart.

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5.0 stars Posted by Robbie April 2, 2017 Hiring Michael Komorn was the best decision I could have ever made. Michael Komorn & his team is like having the best surgeon in an operating room, HE SAVED MY LIFE. He believed in me just as I fully believed in him the whole time. My greatest surprise from the beginning was he didn't seem to be doing it for the money. It is his DRIVE & PASSION to stand up for what's right that...

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Successful section 8 Affirmative Defense

5.0 stars Posted by Steve & Leslie February 4, 2017 After I was charged in Isabella Co. with 6 Felonies, I knew right away there was no way I was going to hire local council. I knew I had to go down state to get the best. After 2 calls and a consultation, the battle commenced. I can only describe it as a Rope-a-Dope type of court battle. We took blow after...

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Michael to the Rescue

5.0 stars Posted by Joseph and Joyce January 8, 2017 If you require legal representation with a medical marijuana case, you need Mr. Michael Komorn and his staff. My wife and I have nothing but superlative and pleasant things to say about Michael. Most Judges and Law Enforcement Agencies do not fully understand the Michigan Medical Marihuana Law because of the conflict with the Michigan Public Health Code for which Marijuana...

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Our hero!!!

5.0 stars Posted by Mary December 23, 2016 Michael Komorn is a godsend. On January 14th, 2016 our 3 grandchildren were taken by CPS, and our daughter Jen was arrested. For 11 months we fought to get our grandchildren placed with us. Of course the homestudy was not approved. Jens court appointed lawyers did nothing to help her, but tell her to take a plea so she wouldn't permanently lose her kids. Jen was pregnant and...

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Professional and Effective

5.0 stars Posted by Nathan November 29, 2016 My family and I hired Michael for a Minor in Possesion. He was able to retain my right to use Medicinal Marijuana while on probation and had the frequency of drug alcohol testing redused significantly. He was extremely well put together both in person and practice. He works with a dedicated team that makes every case personal. Phenomenal people all around, We're very satisfied with their work.

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Hire Michael Komorn-an attorney whose got your back

5.0 stars Posted by Jamie Lowell November 12, 2016 Over the years- I have been in a unique position to see arrests, hear extensively about arrests and police encounters, and attend many court hearings concerning cannabis activity. When I found myself in the position of being charged for crimes concerning...

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Cases dismissed

5.0 stars Posted by Ryan August 24, 2016 I had two charges in Wayne county. I was facing 6 years in prison. Michael was very informative and reassuring throughout the whole process. I was really nervous at first but, Michael''s attitude and knowledge about the situation made me feel otherwise. He is an amazing lawyer that will fight for you until the end. I would never recommend anyone else. He got both of my cases dismissed...

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best to keep u out of jail

4.0 stars Posted by Marshall June 17, 2016 Michael was a serious lawyer who went into court and let the judge know he was serious and the charges brought against me were illegal and shld be thrown out immediately after several back and forth court dates Michael decided it was time to file several motions to see exactly how the warrarnt was ever obtained the prosecution decided it was not able to produce the...

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Best around!

5.0 stars Posted by Lia May 2, 2016 I hired Michael as my lawyer August of 2015 and we finally finished my case April of 2016, throughout the whole process Michael and his team kept me thoroughly updated. I was told not to worry, which is kind of hard, but in the end Michael did everything I asked and to me got the win! Thank you all so much for actually caring about me and making sure I was happy with the outcome!

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Amazing Lawyer!!! A+++ Case Dropped & Highly Recommended

5.0 stars Posted by Jason March 25, 2016 I would like to thank Mr. Komorn for his wonderful service he provides for the people and amazing job he did on my possession of marijuana misdemeanor case. I am a medical marijuana caregiver who was unlawfully raided by lawnet in Livingston county was not arrested and 6 months later got a charge in the mail for 53rd district court. I immediately did my research and seen all the...

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Wouldn't go with anyone else!

5.0 stars Posted by Brad March 24, 2016 The last thing anyone wants to deal with is legal trouble. I was worried when I received my case. Michael put me at ease upon first contacting him. Michael fought for me from the second I hired him. He was able to retrieve assets taken from me. He was able to explain to me all of the possible ways we could approach every aspect of the case. He is an exceptionally knowledgeable...

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Komorn Law Wins

5.0 stars Posted by Ian March 18, 2016 He took my case in which i was facing 20 to 30 years in felonies and got me results...He stood steadfast knowing we had a real case to fight and did just that...I would recommend him to any one with a true medical marijuana case because he will fight for your rights diligently and get you real results...

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Research no further, call Komorn.

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous December 31, 2015 After an incident involving my medical marihuana grow, I found myself being charged with 2 manufacturing felonies. Upon a recommendation from an associate, I retained Michael Komorn. It was the best decision I ever made. Most of the cards were stacked against me but Michael was brilliant. He was very knowledgeable with all the case law needed. He explained the process we...

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Resting now!

5.0 stars Posted by Jim June 5, 2015 My name is Jim, Did not believe I would be in need of an attorney. Yet there I was ! Being a firm believer , that knowledge is power. Brought me to find an attorney that is at the forefront of Michigan marijuana laws. An advocate for all of us. Micheal Komorn ! Komorn is leading the way, demanding clarity and definition of the laws that are always changing. Mike Komorn is that guy that...



Doesn't Jump Ship

5.0 stars Posted by Dave March 21, 2015 Hired Komorn for a medical marijuana debacle. Komorn never jumped ship when it came down to the battle. I gave up before he would. Highly recommended when you need an attorney not to abandon you.  


Insightful, creative, caring

5.0 stars Posted by Agatha March 19, 2015 When Mr. Komorn engages- it is on! I am so grateful for his expertise and thoughtful consideration for the predicament I and my family were in.


2nd OWI and VOP

5.0 stars Posted by Alex September 29, 2014 I hired Michael at a very difficult and stressful time. I had two charges pending and was facing jail time. He handled them with great care and confidence and kept me in the loop during the whole process. He got my most serious charge (2nd OWI) dismissed because the officer did not go by the book and violated my rights. My other charge which was a VOP over six years old was handled very... More


Helped me with a DUI / DWI case

5.0 stars Posted by Kenneth September 18, 2014 Mike Komorn is very thorough and understanding. He listens attentively, he explained the law thoroughly and he advised me on my options. He also referred me to substance abuse counselors who have helped me to get back on the right track and make permanent and positive changes in my life. If is wasn't for Komorn Law, I'd be in jail right now, instead of on probation and getting the help I really needed.


card carrying member

5.0 stars Posted by John March 19, 2014 I cannot say enough good things about Micheal and his team at Komorn Law. Micheal met with me and explained exactly what was going to happen throughout the legal process and what I could expect throughout my case. He was clear and concise and didnt sugar coat anything. He took the time to explain what defense options I had and recommended an aggressive coarse... More


Best Attorney On This Planet!

5.0 stars Posted by Carruthers December 19, 2013 The work ethic of Tom Brady and brains of Peyton Manning. It was definitely an unfair and lopsided playing field in favor of prosecutors, however, there was a since of confidence after seeing him in action the 1st day. Most attorneys are a lot of bark and no bite when it comes to actually fighting... More


Victory in Bad Axe

5.0 stars Posted by Jeffrey November 18, 2013 Best attorney in the state in my opinion. Handled my case in BAd Axe.Took a couple yrs Case dismissed. Well publicized in Huron Daily Tribune.Medical Marijuana case.


Just a middle aged couple trying to follow the law

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous November 13, 2013 My husband has chronic pain and I am disabled. Both of us are in our sixties and we are medical marijuana patients/caregivers. We were diligent about strict adherence to the law. Despite that, we found ourselves fully involved in the criminal justice system - Yikes! Michael Komorn was the right call to make...so current on every front and more... More


Michael Basically Saved my Life

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous November 13, 2013 Wow. Thank God for Michael. I was arrested in the Detroit airport for having a prescription pill (one!) that I shouldn't have had, and before I know it, I'm getting charged with 2 felonies and up to four years of jail time. I couldn't believe it. Michael was able to get these charges dropped, and helped me stay calm through the whole process. In the end, all I had to do was pay a very small fine... More


Medical Marijuana Attorney Gets Case Dismissed!

5.0 stars Posted by Tiffany August 15, 2013 I was assigned a court appointed defense attorney for a medical marijuana case. The attorney admitted she did not know medical marijuana law and advised me to plea to a criminal charge. I did not think that a plea was in my best interests, but not having an experienced medical marijuana attorney to advise me, I pled no contest. Mr. Komorn was able to come in on the case at... More


I don't know what I would have done without Michael's help

5.0 stars Posted by Mark May 21, 2013 I am a medical marijuana patient from a small town. The cops all know who I am and know that I have my card. They busted into my house when a neighbor called and took all my gun and all my medicine. They were trying me for 3 felonies and almost got me to plea to a misdemeanor. I didn't do anything wrong! I did a little research online and quickly saw that Michael was the most... More


5.0 stars

5.0 starsPosted by John March 22, 2013 Incredibly helpful before I even retained Mr. Komorn. Incredibly knowledgable on Michigan Medical Marijuana laws. I would highly recommend Mr. Komorn to anyone in need of great legal representation pertaining to any Medical Marijuana charges that you may run into with the constant changing and misunderstandings of these laws.


With Much Gratitude

5.0 stars Posted by Howard December 13, 2012 So i was charged with OUID, which means i was driving a vehicle while intoxicated, when really i wasn't! The police kept saying that i was under the influence while i was driving but me and my wife kept telling them i wasn't. They took blood samples and after almost a year finally got back with the results. Komorn and his men were able to tell the court that with the blood sample i... More


A Life Saver

5.0 stars Posted by Nicholas December 4, 2012 I was pulled over because i was caught smoking on campus. The cops patted me down and found a pipe and i was charged for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Thankfully Micheal came in during the pretrial was able to convince the prosecutors to dismiss the courts. I pleaded as a disorderly person was sentenced to a fine with no probation! Michael Komorn really pulled my... More


Off the Hook in East Lansing

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous December 4, 2012 I was at a bar in East Lansing a few years ago and got involved in a fight after my friend had a few too many. At first I didn't think I'd even need a lawyer until I met with the prosecutor and he said he was appalled at what he read in the police report. They charged me with Assault and recommended jail time even though I was just trying to break up the fight. I contacted Mike Komorn and... More


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