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Bill Schuette, the current Michigan Attorney General, is waging war against Meth users, dealers and labs. Innocent people get swept up with meth crimes when police run field tests on any powdery substances, frequently returning false positive results.

Komorn Law can defend Michigan and Federal charges of methamphetamine possession , methamphetamine use and methamphetamine manufacture.

Michigan law has the following jail penalties for Methamphetamine:

Gov Snyder signed more laws against methamphetamine in 2016.

Any person attempting to persuade someone to purchase ingredients for methamphetamine will be issued a $1,000 fine and could spend up to one year in prison.

There also will be a five-year “stop sale alert” on individuals convicted of soliciting the sale of ingredients.

Increasing penalties for those who manufacture meth near libraries or schools also will be enforced under the new legislation



Posters paid for by the Consumer Healthcare Productions Association, a trade group representing medicine manufacturers, will be distributed to pharmacists and retailers reminding the public that “police take NAMES… and make ARRESTS” for buying medications to make meth.

“If you are a runner, if you’re one of the helpers for these meth cooks, you do the crime, you’ll spend some time,” Schuette said. “The whole point is we want to alert folks that the meth epidemic is real.”

Michigan implemented a precursor database in 2011 that tracks pseudoephedrine purchases and prohibits over-the-counter sales if an individual has exceeded allowable limits in a 24-hour or month-long period.

That database helped block sales of more than 8,700 boxes of cold and allergy medicine in 2016, said sponsoring Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph. The system discourages illegal behavior but balances consumer access to legal medication, he said.

But the real-time tracking database is having little effect on the availability of pseudoephedrine to meth lab operators, according to a 2016 report by the Michigan State Police. Rather, evidence suggests smurfing has significantly increased since the database legislation was passed.

“Smurfers frequently use fraudulent or stolen identities to make these purchases,” according to the report. “This makes real-time electronic tracking ineffective in stopping the statewide illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.”

Schuette and Proos said it is incumbent upon retailers and pharmacists who use the database to properly check driver’s licenses or state identification cards.

“It’s a two-way responsibility,” Schuette said. “Everybody bears responsibility on this, whether it’s a fake ID for buying pseudoephedrine or a fake ID for buying alcohol. There is responsibility on the retailers and the pharmacists, no doubt about it.”


The Real-Time Tracking Database had little effect on meth labs?

Yet more wasted resources and tax payer dollars from Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature.


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