Komorn Law – Victory in Genesee County

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Komorn Law PLLC is proud to report a ruling today from the Genesee County Circuit Court.


Komorn Law victory in Genesee County Circuit Court

This case involved my client’s property and all kinds of salacious allegations of really bad behavior by this property, and I mean bad stuff, like stuff you could never imagine property could actually do.


To add to the drama of all this unimaginable behavior by my clients property, the accuser was an ” entity” called FANG. The story for the last 3 years, told by the State ( the ATTORNEY’S for FANG) was that that the bad behaving property needed to be held by FANG, because it was bad behaving ( if this makes no sense, it is not supposed to).


Additionally FANG was of the opinion that because of these allegations  they should be able to keep all of my client’s bad behaving property (there has been no conviction).


Today in the civil forfeiture against my client and his “allegedly evil” property the Court granted our motion for summary disposition ( no genuine issue of fact existed to which reasonable minds could differ) ultimately dismissing the forfeiture case and ordering the return of all that bad behaving property.




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